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Majors and Minors

Elizabethtown College offers a wide selection of programs in the liberal arts, sciences and professional studies.

Elizabethtown College Honors Program

The Elizabethtown College Honors Program offers a distinct and challenging four-year course of study for academically qualified students that encourages scholarship and sustained academic activity at its highest level.

Academic Support

The Center for Student Success offers myriad resources including career services, tutoring and advising.

Explore the Core

No matter what your major is, the Core Program fosters intellectual growth.

Life at and after Elizabethtown

Meet some of our students and alumni--and learn how they surprised themselves at E-town.

Core Financial Aid and Scholarships

1. Liberal Arts Scholarships

a. Class of 1985 Scholarship

b. Eby C. Espenshade Scholarship

c. Martin Limestone Corporation Scholarship

2. Academic Achievement Scholarships

a. Annenberg Scholarship

b. Clifford ’47 and Hazel ’49 Huffman Family Scholarship

3. Liberal Arts Majors Scholarships

a. Reverend Charles C. Kyle Memorial Scholarship

b. Dorthy Forney Scholarship (Political Science)

c. Earl W. Seibert Psychology Scholarship

d. Robert E. Garrett Modern Language Scholarship

e. Roy Ream Fine Arts Scholarship

f. Harry B. Shearer Scholarship (Fine Arts and Musical Affairs)

g. Jean Prentice Charlton Scholarship (Art)

h. Arlene Rider Huss Scholarship (Art/ International Affairs)

i. Georgiana E. Leffler Arts Scholarship

j. Professor Michael Sevareid Scholarship (Theater)

k. Grace C. Blough Music Scholarship

l. Mary G. Emenhesier Music Scholarship

m. Nevin W. Fisher Music Scholarship

n. Oris Kitchen Scholarship (Music)

o. Darlene Myer Music Scholarship

4. Religious Studies and Church of the Brethren Scholarships

a. Religious Scholarships

b. George Capetanios memorial pre-Ministerial Scholarship Fund

c. Samuel L. Gibble Scholarship

d. Howard W. and Margie F. Henry Scholarship Fund

e. Charles Troxell Royer Memorial Scholarship

f. John and Sara Steel Pre- Ministerial Scholarship

g. I. N. H. Beahm Scholarship Fund

h. Bucher Scholarship

i. Ester Bucher Memorial Scholarship

j. Joseph N. Cassel Leadership Scholarship

k. Cyrus B. Krall Memorial Scholarship

l. J. Kenneth and Carroll L. Kreider Scholarship

m. The A. L. B. and Ellen R. Martin Memorial Scholarship

n. Mountville Church of the Brethren Scholarship

o. Roy H. and Edith E. Mummert Memorial Scholarship

p. Church of the Brethren Scholarship

5. Core Citizenship Scholarships

a. Dr. John F. Buyer Scholarship

b. Elmer Esbenshade Scholarship Fund

c. Harrison and Marguaretta Gingerisch Scholarship

d. Eilbur E. Hoover Scholarship

e. Carl and Katherine Kauffman Scholarship

f. William T. Kelly Scholarship

g. Earl ’35 and Ester (Myer) ’39 Kurtz Scholarship

h. Annette Mumma Nation Scholarship

i. R. Kent Replogle Scholarship

j. John P. Shepherd, Jr. Scholarship

k. Captain John P. Winard Memorial Scholarship

6. Core Honors Scholarship

a. Ebersole Scholarship Fund

7. ALANA and International Students

a. Faculty Minority Scholarship Fund

b. Thomas and Dorthy Russell Foreign Student Scholarship


Major and Minors at Elizabethtown College

50+ majors, 80+ minors & concentrations

Our core curriculum emphasizes creative thinking, decision–making and problem-solving skills.
About Elizabethtown College

About Elizabethtown College

Our commitment is to Educate for Service, discover how that has/and will continue to shape our history.
Elizabethtown College Admissions


At Elizabethtown College, your ideas matter. We encourage you to speak your mind and share your thoughts.
Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Our students received about $26.2 million in institutional scholarships and grants during the 2010-2011 academic year.
Elizabethtown College