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Update 03.05.15 5am EST

The College will be open today as usual, Thursday, 3/05/15 - more information Employees are encouraged to travel carefully and, if delayed in their arrival, should notify their supervisor.

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How to Apply as a First-Year Student

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Fall Applicants:  
Admissions Application Deadline March 1
Financial Aid Application Deadline March 15
Admissions Notification (rolling) Begins September 15
Financial Aid Notification (rolling) Begins February 15
Student Response Deadline May 1
Spring Applicants:  
Admissions Application Deadline December 1, 2014
Financial Aid Application Deadline December 1, 2014
Admissions Notification (rolling) Begins November 15
Financial Aid Notification two weeks after acceptance
Student Response Deadline December 15, 2014
Special Programs Various – see Special Programs page

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