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Dear Colleague,

In a critical enrollment year, Elizabethtown College exceeded its first-year enrollment target.  The value propositions of Signature Learning, superior student outcomes, and affordable academic excellence were embraced by this year’s pool of candidates.  They were able to connect the dots between the active learning elements of the curriculum and the strong job and graduate school placement rates of Elizabethtown’s newly minted alums. 

The common language, focus, and direction of the Strategic Plan continues to provide prospective students and parents with a singular voice and message from all corners of the campus community.  This clarity added both credibility to and confidence in the value proposition of the College.

The number of new students with underrepresented ethnic backgrounds is at an all-time high with this class.  A total of 73 domestic ALANA students represent 14.1% of the incoming class.  Connections with Elizabethtown’s Diversity Team and the attraction of Elizabethtown’s Momentum Program have aided the steady rise in these figures (NOTE: The Momentum Program is not exclusively for students from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds).

As rosters allowed, Athletic recruiting returned to traditional levels.  Enhanced coordination and added capacity allowed Athletics to contribute more significantly to the strength and size of the incoming class.

In addition to the characteristics mentioned above, the Class of 2019 had the following distinctions:

    • Selected from 3,453 applicants
    • 517 first-time first-year students
    • 558 mean critical reading score on the SAT
    • 562 mean math score on the SAT
    • 31.4% from the top 10% of their high school
    • 16 valedictorians/salutatorians
    • 35.8% male
    • 148 involved in the arts, 273 involved in athletics, 415 involved in service and leadership, 222 involved in National Honor Society, and 49 involved in literary publications (including 14 editors)

This cohort of students is well prepared for the rigors and expectations of Elizabethtown College.  They will surprise themselves with what they are able to accomplish, and they will surprise Elizabethtown with the impact they are able to make on the campus and on the world around them.  What follows is a descriptive look at the pool of students who became the Elizabethtown College Class of 2019.

Paul M. Cramer, Vice President for Enrollment


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