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Program of English Language Learning

The PELL is offered to accepted international students who demonstrate a need for additional English background.  The program offers three levels of English Language instruction. Each level (intermediate, high-intermediate, and advanced) is made up of four courses (four credits per course). Courses taken in the advanced level of PELL will count toward the student's four-year Elizabethtown College degree. The PELL serves to strengthen English writing & grammar, listening & speaking, and reading & study skills.

Once accepted to the College, all international students will take a placement test to determine whether or not the PELL is required.  If it is, the test will also determine the appropriate PELL starting level. Upon satisfactory completion of the PELL, students will be eligible to continue at Elizabethtown College in an academic major towards their undergraduate degree.

The first step for all international students is to submit an application.

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