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Determining Fit

As you consider the application process at Elizabethtown College, know that "fit" is the key to our decision. We hope that same sense of fit is the basis for your decision making as well.

While the application allows us to make some suppositions regarding your chance for success at Elizabethtown, you can inform our decision by describing characteristics, experiences and talents that distinguish you from our other applicants. Be sure to include...

  • Your unique potential for contributing to the Elizabethtown community;
  • Your experiences that will enlighten or motivate other members of our community;
  • Your commitment to your own scholarly pursuits and willingness to add to the discussion that is an Elizabethtown College liberal arts education;
  • Your focus and determination to immerse yourself in an academic discipline.

Include any information you believe will be helpful in better acquainting us with you and your goals. Do not be restricted by the boundaries of the application. Feel free to add your own supplemental information (CDs of musical performances, video of theatre or athletic endeavors, photocopies of articles about you or written by you, artwork, creative writings, self-designed websites, etc).

Areas of Fit

At Elizabethtown, fit is not an SAT score or grade point average. We consider the whole person and their potential fit in three areas:

Academic Fit

  • Quality of Curriculum
  • SAT/ACT Scores
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Rank in Class
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Academic Awards and Honors

Co-curricular Fit

  • Athletic Ability
  • Musical Ability
  • Theatrical Involvement
  • Volunteer Services
  • Work Experience
  • Student Government and Clubs & Organizations

Social Fit

  • Integrity
  • Work Ethic
  • Persistence
  • Seriousness of Attitude
  • Appreciation of Elizabethtown
  • Level of Interest in Elizabethtown
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