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Power Outage - Sunday, March 6am - 5pm

Facilities Management has scheduled a campus wide power outage for Sunday, March 3, between the hours of 6 AM and 5 PM to allow PPL to replace overheated equipment on the line feeding the campus and part of the Borough.  The power outage will impact all college buildings, except the SDLCs, the Quads and the Brown Building. During the outage, PPL will replace critical equipment and Facilities will perform additional building main distribution panel and secondary switch gear cleaning and maintenance, as well as high voltage maintenance.
Currently, the forecast for March 3 is for clear weather. If that forecast changes and Sunday, March 3, is rainy, PPL cannot perform high voltage maintenance for safety reasons, so the back-up date is Monday, March 4.  Headline News will communicate on Sunday only if the outage has been moved to Monday. If rescheduled for Monday, March 4, the length of the outage will be limited to the time PPL requires to complete the replacement work, estimating that their work will be completed by noon.  
ITS is recommending that all computers and printers be shut down/unplugged prior to Sunday’s power outage.   All Dining Services facilities will be closed on Sunday during the spring break period.
Please excuse any inconvenience, but due to the critical nature of the equipment being replaced, PPL must perform this work as quickly as possible to avoid a more significant power outage.

Comments or questions concerning the power outage should be directed to Joe Metro, Director, Facilities Management and Construction at


Lake Placida Dam Project - Update 1/04/13

Elizabethtown College is pleased to report that the work at the Lake Placida dam is drawing to a close. Refilling of the lake has been underway and was a slow process, as the lake level can rise only a maximum of a foot every 24 hours. This slow refilling allows the soil in the earthen dam to saturate gradually, which maintains the integrity of the dam.  

What appear to be piles of rubble in the lake is fish habitat for the native game fish that will be stocked in the lake next spring. Facilities Management also has created fish spawning areas by installing pea gravel along the shallow perimeter of the lake, this helps maintain a healthy and diverse fish population. Basking logs were placed in the shallows for the turtles to utilize when they migrate back to the lake from the wetlands to which they had retreated during the initial drawdown of the lake. The fish habitat installations are another example of Facilities Management’s historical emphasis to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle,” reducing the College’s impact on the environment.

On Jan. 9, the College will reopen to pedestrians the walk across College Avenue, the bridge and the dam.  

Later in the spring, Facilities Management will complete the following tasks:

  • lake perimeter plantings
  • lake fish stocking
  • sealing of the bridge wood
  • installation of non-skid coating on the bridge walking surface

Please be aware that the bridge wood sealing and the installation of non-skid coating must wait until the pressure treatment in the wood dries and the wood weathers for a few months, so materials will adhere to the wood. Until the non-skid has been installed, caution signs will be placed at the entrances to the bridge, reminding walkers that the wood might be slippery if wet. Please be cautious when walking on the bridge in wet or snowy weather.

Thank you for your patience as this complex project comes to completion.

More about the Lake Placida Dam Project

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