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Melanie Sturm'12

E-town certainly imprints you with the idea that the world is yet to be discovered by you, so get your bags and just do it. -- Melanie Melanie

melanie sturm in front of lake with treesSince coming to Elizabethtown College, biology major Melanie Sturm has discovered her calling, while developing the skills and relationships that will assist her throughout the rest of her life.

Melanie is a key team member in conducting research with Dr. David Bowne of E-town’s biology department. They are studying the ability of bacteria to acquire antibiotic resistance through the exposure to heavy materials, specifically cadmium. This unique opportunity is something Melanie finds interesting due to the implications of the study that apply to public health, as well as environmental policy.

“Over the months of assessing schools I came to realize that accessibility and friendliness of my educators really facilitates my learning, and E-town had this quality,” said Melanie.

Although Melanie was not entirely sure about the type of college she wanted to attend, she now knows she made the right choice in choosing Elizabethtown. She loves being able to learn and live in such a friendly, supportive community.

“Seeing friends and knowing I'll pass someone I can chat with whenever I am out on campus is a really good feeling,” she said.

Melanie believes service is an influential aspect of life that offers countless valuable learning opportunities; she also feels giving back is beneficial to the receivers as well as the philanthropist. Melanie also spends a large amount of time participating in campus organizations; she is president of Campus Residence Association, president of the Elizabethtown College Environmental Group and is a proud member Tri Beta, the National Biological Honor Society.

While working alongside her professors and gaining friendships that will last a lifetime, Melanie feels confident that Elizabethtown College has prepared her for her future. Set to graduate in May 2012, she is applying to graduate schools in hopes of enrolling in an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program that addresses her interest of current ecological issues with social and political implications.

"E-town certainly imprints you with the idea that the world is yet to be discovered by you, so get your bags and just do it," she said.

--by Jordyn Howe '14

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