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Advising Notes for Students Planning to Study Abroad

  1. Meet with your advisor well in advance of the semester when you will be studying abroad.

  2. Get your Course Approval Form reviewed and signed by advisor.

  3. Courses satisfying Creative Expression core are typically the most difficult to find at international institutions, so do not try to save your CE core for your study abroad semester.

  4. If you want to satisfy your Writing & Research Intensive (WRI) core requirement while abroad, you must submit a course syllabus for evaluation.

  5. Save all syllabi from your study abroad experience.

  6. If you are faced with scheduling/registration issues once you are abroad, you need to contact Dr. Amy Simes at She will contact the Registration and Records Office to seek additional course approvals prior to student enrollment.

  7. International transcripts can take up to four months to arrive at Elizabethtown College. Unfortunately, credits cannot be calculated into your class standing until the transcript is received and posted. This may affect your financial aid status, residence life lottery numbers, and registration time slots. Transcripts are processed as quickly as possible and notification is sent to all relevant offices upon receipt of official transcripts.

  8. Credits, not grades, transfer back to Elizabethtown College; therefore, GPAs are not affected. The minimum grade requirements for transfer: 

    • BCA Programs: D- or above
    • All Other Programs: C- or above. (This includes, but is not limited to, the following programs: Herstmonceux, Nihon, AustraLearn, School for Field Studies, and non-affiliate programs.)

  9. Transfer policy allows a 3-credit transfer course to satisfy a 4-credit Elizabethtown Core course offering, although the number of credits transferring in remains 3.

  10. Are you a senior who plans to study abroad during your final semester? Your graduation will likely be delayed because of the time it takes for receipt of international transcripts. You should plan on graduating from Elizabethtown College one semester beyond your normal graduation date. This would mean an August or January graduation if you study abroad in the spring term of your senior year. The time lapse will also likely affect your eligibility to “walk” or be an early participant in the May graduation ceremony.

  11. While abroad, you are required to keep your Etown email account open and check it regularly. Web registration instructions and notifications will be provided to students via email by Dr. Simes several weeks prior to open registration. You must regularly check your Elizabethtown email and ECweb accounts for notifications from Registration and Records as well as announcements related to advising, registration and graduation in Campus News.

  12. There is no priority scheduling for students studying abroad. They are governed by the same registration policies as domestic students. This includes communicating with advisors via email so that advisors can release the advising hold prior to registration. It also means submitting all necessary forms: Verification of Need to Enroll in Core, Overload Petitions, Time Conflict Resolutions, Register by Instructor, etc.
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