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Dontè McCrary-McClain '13

"I like the friendly nature of the people [at E-town]. In my opinion, you don’t really get that at a lot of schools or different places."

Senior Dontè McCrary-McClain applied to 15 colleges and universities before officially selecting Elizabethtown College. According to McCrary-McClain, his experience participating in the College’s Jay for a Day program is what eased his once-burdening decision.donte with arms spread on top of mountain looking down at Qito

“I really liked the atmosphere a lot, and the friendly people,” he stated. After making the move from Bethlehem, Pa. to E-town, McCrary-McClain started his educational career as a business major, focusing in international business and minoring in Spanish.

For McCrary-McClain, it was very easy to decide which field to enter after seeing his father work within the business sphere for years. “I loved seeing my dad wear suits and go to work,” he said. “I want to do marketing for international brands in Spanish speaking countries.”

McCrary-McClain used his Spanish and business knowledge while studying abroad in Quito, Ecuador. Not only did his travels give him the chance to cliff jump and snorkel with sharks, but it also offered him real-world experience and the chance to help local businesses. [Read more about his experience in "International Footprint", a story in the Winter 2013 Elizabethtown magazine.]

While there, he taught English to citizens living in the upper Amazon and southern metropolitan district, promoted responsible tourism and assisted in the development of a microfinance sector of a local company. “It gave me a global mindset,” he commented. “I think I’m able to give people a different perspective now that I’m back on campus.”

In addition to being a member of Student Senate and SIFE, McCrary-McClain also works in the Admissions Office, the Office of Diversity and is a student assistant for the International Business program. Through his work, he has been able to extend his professional network, a task highly sought after by most business students.

“The openness of the professors and alumni, as well as the current students, set you up with opportunities no matter what year (of study) you are. I got an internship my freshmen year and that just propelled me to bigger and better things,” he concluded.

--Profile written by Jill Norris '14

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