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Tyler Kunkle '14

“The smaller, close-knit campus allows for a controlled, fun atmosphere; I think that’s one of the major strengths of Elizabethtown College.” --Tyler Kunkle

tyler kunkle in e-town superman spoof shirt using e-town blue jays flag as capeAlthough it was in his backyard, Tyler Kunkle ’14 didn’t find Elizabethtown College until the end of his search, when one of his high school teachers recommended he use the College Matchmaker tool. He was looking for schools with a German major that were local to his Ephrata, Pa., home; E-town showed up in the results.

When he looked into the College, he found the International Business major and got into contact with Dr. Hossein Varamini, director of the program. He invited Tyler to campus for a face-to-face meeting, as well as a tour.

“The tour and the meeting really just made me feel like I was at home,” Tyler said. “The close-knit atmosphere, like they say, feels like you’re part of a family and I believe there’s truth in that.”

Tyler now is completing a double major in International Business and German. He also is involved in Student Senate, the Elizabethtown College Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta and Hillel, the Jewish student group on campus. He hopes to become more active in these activities as the treasurer of both Alpha Lambda Delta and Hillel. Tyler also held a part-time job at local restaurant, T.J. Rockwell’s, which he hopes to continue in addition to working on campus in High Library.

“I think that the small number of people on campus maintains a controlled atmosphere, while still allowing for fun to be had and I think that’s one of the major strengths of Elizabethtown College,” Tyler said.

Since coming to Elizabethtown, Tyler believes he has expanded his viewpoint of college, and life in general.

He said, “I have come into contact with many people whose views on issues that I feel strongly about are the exact the opposite of mine and I have come to understand and respect their views even if I don’t agree.”

--by Tara B. Hayes '13

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