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Why Study Chemistry at E-town?

Learn Chemistry by Doing Chemistry

Your coursework will include plenty of lab classes and hands-on research opportunities – in and out of class. Don your lab coat and protective eyewear and participate in experiments in our state-of-the-art lab and research facilities in Musser Hall, part of the Masters Center for Science, Mathematics and Engineering.

Tailored Curriculum to Meet Your Interests

The Department of Chemistry at Elizabethtown College offers two majors: Chemistry and Biochemistry. As a chemistry major, you can choose from five tracks: chemistry, chemistry secondary education, chemistry management, forensic science, and chemical physics. Our programs are accredited by the American Chemical Society.

Comprehensive Advising and Mentoring

Our dedicated faculty members believe in relationship-centered learning. From day one, they will provide comprehensive advising, mentoring and exploration opportunities to help you determine the most suitable career path – and help you reach that career goal. You will be challenged, and also supported.

Research Opportunities

Our curriculum is designed with a senior research project in mind, but many of our majors initiate research much earlier. Present your research at local, regional and national meetings, or get published in academic journals.

Advanced Degree Preparation

Many of our students pursue advanced degrees in graduate or professional school. Our structured curriculum prepares you for the rigors of advanced studies, not just in scientific knowledge and know-how, but also in the communication of science.


Our students have pursued careers in the fields of forensic scientist, research scientist, clinical laboratory scientist, industrial hygienist, medical doctor, doctor of osteopathic medicine, college professor, high school teacher, pharmacist, attorney, quality control engineer, optometrist, nutrition specialist, business executive and nuclear submariner.

Student Involvement

The Chemistry Club at Elizabethtown College serves as the local chapter of the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society. This organization provides many programs for its members and the campus community including guest speakers, industry tours and campus activities. Also, as a member of this organization, you’ll have access to career preparation and other resources from the American Chemical Society.


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