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Update 03.05.15 5am EST

The College will be open today as usual, Thursday, 3/05/15 - more information Employees are encouraged to travel carefully and, if delayed in their arrival, should notify their supervisor.

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We give our students a wide variety of options in their study of language, literature and workplace writing.

Why Study English at Elizabethtown?

A flexible academic program with plenty of experiential learning experiences...

Meet our Students

Lauren Stine

"When I met the English professors, I thought, ‘these are my people.’" read more

Christian Sammartino

"I am deeply grateful to be a member of such an intimate community." read more

Brianna Wiest

"I can say with complete certainty that I am a much more accepting, open-minded, and focused individual." read more

Alexa Viscardi

"[Elizabethtown] is truly an academic environment where the students come first." read more

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