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The history program at Elizabethtown College covers all periods of Western history, as well as the history of non-Western regions around the world.

Why Study History at Elizabethtown

Small classes; right history; no boundaries...

Original Research

Students in the History department at Elizabethtown College have opportunities to research inside and outside the classroom. This includes independent research, research with a faculty mentor, and chances to go into the field. This page highlights some of those opportunities.

Dr. Newsome's Field Trip to U.S. Army Heritage Center

For his course on Twentieth-century Europe, Dr. Newsome takes students to the U.S. Army Heritage Center in Carlisle, PA. Students tour the museum and recreations of a World War
I trench and a World War II induction center. Using the archives of the Center’s Military History Institute, they also do research on the experiences of infantrymen in World War I and World War II.

Renault FT

In the museum: a Renault FT 16 tank from World War I

German 88

On the battlefield tour: a German 88 mm field gun from World War II

Mess Hall

Eating “chow” (MREs) in the mess hall


Dr. Kenley's Trip to Chicago for Peace and Conflict in China 

During Spring Break, Dr. David Kenley took several students to Elgin, Illinois.  There, they spent several days conducting original archival research on missionary activities in early twentieth-century China.  They also saved time to do some sightseeing in nearby Chicago.  As a result of their trip, two students made presentations at a professional conference, four students made presentations at a public panel, and one student published his research in the  American Journal of Chinese Studies .

Below are some pictures of the students conducting their research 

 students researching

students researching second

students researching third

Students researching fourth

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