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Political Philosophy and Legal Studies

The interdisciplinary major focuses on the origins, development and theoretical foundations of Western political philosophy and law. Combining courses from political science, philosophy and other liberal arts disciplines, this major especially is recommended for students who either are considering careers in law or higher education and/or are desiring an intellectually challenging, broad-based traditional liberal arts education.

Courses in political science focus on issues such as justice, order, rights, the human condition, and the purposes and ends of law and government. The philosophy courses explore the metaphysical, epistemological and ethical assumptions undergirding the competing concepts of human nature and society. Students are encouraged to examine the implications of political philosophy on contemporary social and political movements.

For students who are interested in law school, a strong advisory component in terms of proper course work, relevant extracurricular activities and preparation for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) examination is offered.

For more information on the Political Philosophy and Legal Studies Major, contact:
Dr. Kyle C. Kopko
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Director, Pre-Law Program
Phone: (717) 361-1990
Dept Phone: (717) 361-1308
Office: Nicarry Hall, Room 245

Elizabethtown College