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Japan Club

The Japanese Studies program organizes several extra-curricula events throughout the year with an aim to supplement students’ classroom learning with cultural knowledge about Japan.

Some of these are held on a weekly basis such as the Japan Club Meeting or Ocha no Jikan as it is called in Japanese. We discuss current events and issues from prominent Japanese newspapers such as Japan Times, and Asahi Shimbun to understand and analyze what is happening in Japan today and what Japan considers its priorities in the world.

We also use this forum to discuss current trends in Jpop, JHorror, and the world of Japanese entertainment. We have seen movies, Japanese television drama, and listened to the latest CDs from the hottest artists in Japan today.

We have conducted ocha ceremony demonstrations, origami paper creations and shuji writing along with Karee Raisu, Okonomiyaki, and Omusubi parties to help students understand the traditional arts and crafts of Japan.

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