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Profiles in Music Education

Danielle Fishman

Danielle Fishman graduated from Elizabethtown College with a unique accomplishment: that of being a published author. In her senior year, Danielle Fishman took on an Honors in the Discipline project to research the impact of career specialization on music programs during a time of economic stress. Her two honors project articles were published in the Pennsylvania Music Educators Journal (2013; 2014). She reflected: "an opportunity like that at the undergraduate level is pretty rare . . . when I started, I knew nothing about about research and never in a million years would I think that I would be a published researcher in the field of music education"

Danielle attributes her success at Elizabethtown College to the interaction with faculty: "Any help we needed, the faculty were right there for us . . . we were treated as students and there was a level of two-way respect that made it easy to feel supported at Elizabethtown." She also commented that the commitment to experiential learning prepared her to apply diverse methods in the classroom. She stated, "I got so many ideas from the time that I spent learning in the schools, from all the experiences in the music education program, I am able to apply those different ideas in my own job."

Rachel Lane

While at college, Rachel Lane was a member/leader within multiple ensembles, conducted ensembles, taught the Pre-K lab school program, and completed an honors in the discipline project. She reflected that these enriching opportunities were built around her one-on-one relationships with faculty in the music department. She reflected, "I liked the idea of getting to know professors and having them know me, because if they don't you and your growth, how are they going to help you?" Especially as a music and music education major, the importance of one-on-one relationships was critical to growth within the discipline of music.

Her small class sizes were environments that challenged her to achieve more. She stated, "[in the music department] we feel like we get much more done, are more focused, and get to know our professors at the same time. It wasn't like I was sitting in the back of a classroom, with only 4 to 10 people in a classroom, professors got to know you and challenge you."

Rachel credited Dr. Spence with providing the tools that she uses in her current job teaching music in Maryland. She commented, "Everything we did in our classes is something that I use on a daily basis. All the notebooks that I created for my classes are incredibly useful in my work." Rachel also credited caring faculty with seeing her through and encouraging her development at Etown. She said "[it is important to find] someone who is always willing to support you and give you ideas; work with you, and talk with you. That is very, very precious."

Elizabethtown College