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Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Fine and Performing Arts' Music Division offers a major and minor in music.

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Music education majors at E-town gain extensive field experience in a variety of school settings.

Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy

Combine your love of music and desire to help people.

Music Ensembles

Join one of more than a dozen musical ensembles, from jazz band to concert choir and more.

Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy

A career in music therapy allows individuals to combine a love of music with a sincere interest in working with people. Credentialed music therapists use music as a tool to provide successful, motivating music experiences within a therapeutic environment. The music therapy program at Elizabethtown College is a competency-based curriculum that provides a comprehensive, personalized education. The integrated coursework effectively develops students' musicianship skills, knowledge base concerning a variety of different clinical/therapeutic needs, and core music therapy clinical skills. Students graduating from the program are in excellent standing when applying for their internships and jobs.

The extensive clinical opportunities at Elizabethtown College provide a wide range of hands-on experiences that assist students in combining their knowledge and skills to plan and conduct effective music therapy sessions. Students complete six semesters of clinical experiences on and off-campus in a variety of settings, each session supervised by a board certified music therapist. Seniors also have the opportunity to work with additional clients from the community within the on-campus clinic.

For additional information, contact Dr. Gene Anne Behrens at 717-361-1991 or via e-mail:

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