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Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Fine and Performing Arts' Music Division offers a major and minor in music.

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Music education majors at E-town gain extensive field experience in a variety of school settings.

Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy

Combine your love of music and desire to help people.

Music Ensembles

Join one of more than a dozen musical ensembles, from jazz band to concert choir and more.

Jacqueline Coupe '10

"I think that the small school mentality creates an environment where you can't really slack off."

jacqueline coupeJacqueline Coupe '10 originally came to Elizabethtown College to pursue a degree in physical therapy. However, she soon realized that her true passion was music and teaching. She remembered the relationships with professors as being one of the primary reasons that she chose Elizabethtown College.

Remembering her first audition, she reflected, "I remember I met the faculty and then came back a few months later. Dr. Matt Fritz remembered exactly who I was. I was amazed that he remembered my name. That is the kind of personable, close-knit environment that E-town was for me."

Jacqueline credits her field placements and the small class sizes as developing her confidence and work-ethic that helped her to land her first teaching job.

"We had so many different field placements, it made me feel prepared to take on anything. I feel like I have the confidence to pull from multiple resources and prepare to teach in any environment,"  she said.

The small-school environment helped Jackie develop a work-ethic because of the increased accountability among students.

She reflected, "I think that the small school mentality creates an environment where you can't really slack off. Where there are only six of you, you have to be prepared for class."

Within the school district where she is employed, Elizabethtown College graduates are known as being among the hardest-working teachers in the district.


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