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Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Fine and Performing Arts' Music Division offers a major and minor in music.

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Music education majors at E-town gain extensive field experience in a variety of school settings.

Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy

Combine your love of music and desire to help people.

Music Ensembles

Join one of more than a dozen musical ensembles, from jazz band to concert choir and more.

Kyle Grimm '10

Elizabethtown grads are known for being good at working with others and helping each other out.

kyle grimmKyle Grimm '10 came to E-town College because of the small class sizes. He felt that the small family atmosphere matched his beliefs about what he wanted out of college. Since that time, Kyle has graduated and been hired as a general music teacher in a large urban district. He spoke of the extensive field experiences, exposure to diverse methodologies, and the small school environment as preparing him for employment.

He stated, "When I interviewed, the principal looked at all of the field experiences I had, from general music to band, choir, and orchestra. I remember that my principal was really impressed that I had all of those experiences. He was like, 'wow, you were in all of these diverse environments."

E-town also provided Kyle with a well-rounded understanding of methodologies that has contributed to his eclectic approach as a teacher.

"At E-town you touch a bit of everything... Dalcroze, Orff, Gordon, Kodály ... I am a more complete teacher because I understand all of these resources and can pull from any teaching resource," he said.

Finally, Kyle credits the small school atmosphere at Elizabethtown College for developing his work ethic and sense of collegiality. Within the small school atmosphere, "we would always go the extra mile to do whatever needed to be done for each other. I have transferred that same attitude here to my job in this school. Elizabethtown grads are known for being good at working with others and helping each other out."

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