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Bringing the world of OT into the classroom

As a student in the Occupational Therapy program at Elizabethtown College, you will put theory into practice and get plenty of hands-on experience through simulation activities. Our department boasts several impressive learning labs. Here's a peek at where you will be learning and working:

The Physical Rehabilitation Lab

occupations lab classroom with desks, white board and bathroom lab in cornerThe Physical Rehabilitation Lab is an instructional space designed to foster Occupational Therapy students' understanding of how body movement relates to the tasks of daily life. In this room, the "science of our body" meets the "function" needed for living. How do you get into the bathtub or bed when you use a wheelchair? These questions are answered by the learning that occurs in the simulated bed and bath corner. How do you facilitate movement of your arm in order to get your shirt on? How do you tie your shoes when you don't have the balance to lean over? These questions are answered by the learning that occurs with the mats and adapted equipment.

The Occupations Lab

physical rehabilitiation lab with kitchen appliances Occupations are the meaningful activities of our lives. The Occupations Lab is an instructional space where our Occupational Therapy students learn the importance of engaging in the meaningful occupations of life and how to adapt these occupations when a person experiences life through a difference in the way that the mind, body, or spirit functions.

These differences may be due to a sudden illness, a medical condition, or an environmental barrier.

The Kid Zone

kid zone professor and students with babies on matThe Kid Zone is an instructional lab designed to foster our Occupational Therapy students' learning about the important occupations of children: play, school, self-care and independence. The space is flexible to accommodate large and small motor activities.

This is a place where kids can be kids and our students can learn from them.

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