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About Engineering and Physics

The Department of Engineering and Physics at Elizabethtown College is unique: small in size, big on quality.

Engineering and Physics Projects

Elizabethtown Engineering and Physics students are involved in numerous projects in and around campus.

Facilities, Labs and Equipment

The Department of Engineering and Physics, located in the Masters Center for Science, Mathematics & Engineering, encompasses a collection of state-of-the-art laboratories and research spaces as well as areas for students to gather and study.

James Painter '08

"I left E-town confident that there was no academic task that I couldn't tackle and no goal that I couldn't achieve."

james painter in google shirt in front of google sign at officeJames Painter was in love with technology from a young age. He began programming when he was 12, and by age 14, he was building computers. After graduating Elizabethtown in 2008, James wasted no time in beginning his dream career; he moved to California the day after his last final exam to work at Intel.

"I relished living at the technology hub of the world in Silicon Valley," said James, now a resident of Palo Alto, Calif.

James went on to earn a master's degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University, where his research focused on video processing for object recognition. Today, he is employed by Google, where he works to integrate state-of-the-art computational photography into the Android camera system.

The curriculum at E-town, he said, pushed him to work harder and learn more in a four-year span than he ever imagined that he'd be capable.

"I left E-town confident that there was no academic task that I couldn't tackle and no goal that I couldn't achieve," he said. "Without the inspiration of my adviser, Dr. Joseph Wunderlich, I would have never even considered going to graduate school, and I wouldn't have ended up on the path I am on today, which is immeasurably fun, fulfilling and full of awesome opportunities."

Originally from Mohrsville, Pa., James chose Elizabethtown College because of its proximity to his hometown, and for its cheerful and upbeat atmosphere. It didn't hurt that James visited campus in the springtime and found it to be quite a beautiful place, too. 

While at E-town, James was involved in the Robotics Club, Ice Hockey Club, WWEC radio, intramural softball, intramural racquetball, and was involved in Into the Streets. His favorite parts of campus life were S.W.E.E.T. events, dorm camaraderie, playing catch in the Dell, and Marketplace food.

James says E-town's strengths are in its down-to-earth environment and personal attention.

"You'll never get 'lost in the crowd,'" he said. "Professors and students are friends. They're like individual coaches... the school as a whole is a tight-knit community, and with the right attitude, I think your social circle can encompass your entire department and maybe even the entire student body."

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