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Kelly Seymour '12

"E-town really pushes kids socially to become grownups. Working with peer groups and in teams on assignments really helps develop a person as a whole and not just academically."

kelly seymourAfter arriving at Elizabethtown College as a somewhat shy high school student, 2012 Engineering and Physics graduate Kelly Seymour reflects on her personal and professional accomplishments with the help of E-town's faculty and staff.

Seymour is now a full-time graduate student at the University of Delaware, studying mechanical engineering while focusing her research in biomedical engineering. Her ultimate goal is to work with joint replacements and speed recovery time for patients who undergo such surgery.

Her father, a practicing doctor, gave her an initial understanding of the medical sphere. Her personal experience with joint replacements due to numerous knee injuries also added to her desire to help medical patients.

"My life goal is to help others, and people don't usually enter into engineering for that purpose, but that's what I'm looking to do," she said. The Kingsville, Md., native first made strides toward her ideal career through the help of her E-town instructors.

"I could not have done this without the professors," Seymour explained. "They gave me opportunities to serve as a lab assistant and undergraduate researcher. All of the opportunities they gave me throughout my four years really helped me get to where I am now."

Not only did Seymour graduate with honors, but she was also a member of the Elizabethtown Honors Program, Student Senate and the engineering clubs on campus. Her poster presentation at the annual biomedical engineering conference of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering was recognized as the second best undergraduate presentation.

Despite her busy schedule, Seymour still managed to find time to study abroad during her sophomore year. In addition to her extensive educational and career goals, she also aspired to spend a semester abroad in Athens, Greece; nationally, few engineering students are able to study abroad because of the demanding curriculum. The Elizabethtown curriculum was designed to accommodate international study. Seymour initiated her plans to study abroad during her first year.

"If you plan ahead, you can do it," Seymour stated.

Overall, Seymour believes that her experiences at E-town are what made it possible for her to enroll in graduate school. She felt well prepared and was able to easily transition into the next stage in her academic career.

--Profile by Jill Norris '14

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