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Kevin Green '09

kevin green As 2009 graduate of Elizabethtown College, Kevin Green acquired core learning skills and graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Industrial Engineering Management. His degree from E-town, along with the confidence to complete challenging tasks, has landed Kevin a job with Bechtel Corporation in Knoxville, Tenn.

As a quality assurance engineer for a company that is working to bring a second nuclear unit site online at the Watts Bart Nuclear Power plant in Spring City, Tenn., Kevin’s role on the project is imperative. His job requires that construction oversight is provided to verify that project procedures are being implemented. His main concern at the nuclear power plant is public safety.

Kevin was very involved in extracurricular activities during his time at E-town. Some of the activities that filled his schedule include working as a tutor for Learning Services and spending time as a teaching assistant for intro-level physics classes. Although Kevin spent the majority of his time focusing on his studies, he always made time for sports and participated in the intramural leagues of soccer, basketball and volleyball.

While working in the classroom and on the sports fields, Kevin developed leadership skills along with the ability to work as a team player. He strives to uphold the mission of the College, “Educate for Service,” by being an approachable person who to the best of his ability helps his coworkers. Kevin believes his team-player quality has been vital to his successful career.

“I worked on a team with four other classmates to build a gazebo for the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey. It was a challenging task but we managed to work through obstacles together, complete the project and produce a good end product,” said Kevin.

Although Kevin took it upon himself to succeed in his life, it was with the help of Elizabethtown College that he learned the importance of teamwork and the ability to help others, which he will keep with him for the rest of his life.

--Jordyn Howe '13


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