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Elizabethtown College Produces Most Finnegan Fellows

Elizabethtown College has produced 22 Finnegan Fellows—the most out of any Pennsylvania college or university. And a lot of that has to do with mentorship.

Why Study Political Science at Elizabethtown

If you like to be in the midst of politics, you’ll enjoy Elizabethtown College.

Areas of Study

The Department of Political Science at Elizabethtown College offers a bachelor of arts in Political Science, as well as a minor.

Why Study Political Science at E-town?

State capital less than 30 minutes away.

If you like to be in the midst of politics, you’ll enjoy that Elizabethtown College is less than thirty minutes from the Pennsylvania state capital, Harrisburg. Our proximity to this city opens many doors for internship and experiential learning opportunities – as well as for leisurely drives into the city to see museums, take tours and more.

The Capital Semester

Our department takes advantage of our geographical location by offering the Capital Semester Internship (PS 471), a program in which juniors and seniors are immersed into the state capital. You will be placed in an interesting and substantial position with a state executive agency, a state legislator or a private political organization in Harrisburg. You’ll earn four credits while gaining insight and exposure to politics and public service.

Internship and Study Abroad opportunities

Aside from the state capital internships, you can also head to the nation’s capital for American University’s Washington Semester program. Or, head to the UK to study in a castle through the Queen’s University International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle or the Elizabethtown College Oxford Summer Program.

Pre-Law advising

Many of our Political Science Majors are interested in law careers. Our pre-law advising program helps prepare students of any major for law school by advising them on coursework, preparing for the LSAT exam and assisting with selecting and applying to law school. The campus also has an active pre-law club.

Mock Trial Club

Whether or not you are considering a career in law, joining the award-winning Elizabethtown College Mock Trial Club will help you build analytical and presentation skills useful in any career. See how a court case is prepared and litigated. Discuss real world cases. Examine evidence. Examine witnesses. Then, use that knowledge to compete in regional and national competitions. The Political Science curriculum offers mock trial classes, but anyone can join the Mock Trial Club as an extracurricular activity.

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