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Elizabethtown College psychology majors put their training to use in a variety of fields. Some have gone into helping professions such as social work and occupational therapy, while others have gone into law and government services at organizations such as the FBI and NSA. Our graduates repeatedly comment that the training and research experience they gained at Elizabethtown prepared them well for the work world and put them ahead of their peers in graduate school.


Our students have pursued graduate study at a variety of institutions including: Univ. of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Univ. of Virginia, Ohio State Univ., Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, Florida State Univ., Temple Univ., Adler School of Professional Psychology, Drexel Univ., Duquesne Univ. School of Law. The graduate/professional degrees our graduates have pursued include:

      • Counseling (M.A., M.S.)
      • Clinical (Ph.D., Psy.D.)
      • Neuroscience (Ph.D.)
      • Law (J.D.)
      • Art Therapy (M.A.)
      • Nursing (R.N.)
      • Marriage and Family Therapy (M.F.T.)
      • Social Psychology (Ph.D.)
      • Industrial/Organizational Psychology (M.A.)
      • Social Work (M.S.W.)
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