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Transfer Credit From Other Colleges/Universities

The following process will be used to determine whether a course taken at another college or university is accepted in place of a social work course. The transfer student's advisor should inform the student of this process.

  • The student submits to the advisor the syllabus from the other course, the text (if available), and any other information relevant to the decision.
  • The advisor should then share or review this information with the social work faculty member that teaches the similar course. These two faculty will decide whether the course is acceptable in place of our social work course.
  • The advisor will notify in writing the Registrar about our department's acceptance or rejection of the transfer course in place of a social work course with reasons as to the decision. Along with a verbal report to the student, the advisor will provide the student with a copy of the memo to the Registrar.
  • If the advisor and other faculty member do not agree, the issue will be discussed at the next department meeting with a vote by faculty. The advisor will then follow the notification process.
  • If the student disagrees with the department's rejection of the transfer credit then he/she could appeal to the Academic Council.
  • Academic credit for life experience and previous work experience is not given in whole or in part toward the social work degree.
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