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Act out in class! We encourage it.

Hands-on, interactive theatre classes held in the Black Box theatre get you out of your seat and on to the stage.

Join a department full of characters. And, occasionally, play one.

Audition for a part. Construct a set. Design a costume. Write a play. Surprise yourself! 

Dance: Elizabethtown in Motion

Learn ballet, jazz and modern dance. Join the dance team Emotion, the College's largest club.

Meet our Students

Stephen Boyhont '14

“The most experience you can get in theatre is being in shows or attending them. It’s a lot of hard work, but you get so much experience and you make lifetime friends.” read more

Rachel Saul '12

"Besides being a ridiculous amount of fun, the process of helping to create a production that the whole company and technical crew can be really proud of is so rewarding.” read more

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