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Circulation & Library Information

The following will answer some of the most common questions about circulation and general library usage asked of our librarians and staff.


Library Privileges for Non-students
For a charge of $20 residents of the Elizabethtown area school district can purchase a 12 month library card. This does not include access to library databases from outside of the library or use of the interlibrary loan system.

Non-school district residents may be interested in becoming a Friend of the Library. For a charge of $20/year, beginning with January of each year, Friends have borrowing privileges at the library as well as the opportunity to participate in library-related activities, such as bus trips, reading groups, and fund-raisers. Friends of the High Library do not have access to the interlibrary loan system.

The High Library is a member of the Associated College Libraries of Central Pennsylvania (ACLCP) library consortium. Any faculty, student or staff from one of these associated colleges may request a free High Library card for the length of the current semester in which they are actively enrolled. They must present a valid ID card for the ACLCP college in which they are enrolled to secure a library card.

Finding Your Library ID Number
For Elizabethtown College students, faculty and staff, your library ID number = 14 digits = 2 leading zeroes, 7 digit Elizabethtown College ID number, add 5 more zeroes. For non-Elizabethtown College library users, the ID is on the back of your library card.  Need help? Contact High Library circulation desk at 717-361-1222.

Finding Your Library PIN Number
For Elizabethtown College students, faculty and staff, the library PIN is the year, month and day of your birthday in the format (YYMMDD). For example, if your birthday is May 7, 1986, your PIN is 860507. For non-Elizabethtown College library users, your PIN is on the front of your library card.  Need help? Contact the High Library Circulation Desk: 717-361-1222.


Requesting Checked-out Items
If you have searched the library catalog and the item you want is listed as "no copies currently available", this may mean that the item is checked-out.

  • Click on "Full Details"
  • Look at the bottom of the record to determine that the item is "checked out"
  • If you would like to have the item held for you, click on Hold
  • Provide your User ID and PIN

Checked-out items will be available for pick-up when they are returned to the library; you'll be notified when they are returned. If you need access to a checked-out item immediately, you can request it on Interlibrary Loan.

Requesting in-process Items
If the item you want is listed in the catalog as In-Process, you can request this item. Note the author and title of the item you want and send an email to requesting that the item be processed for you. Put "In-Process Request" in the subject line of the email. In-process items will be processed immediately and should be available for use within two days. You'll be notified when they are available for pick-up at the circulation desk.

Requesting an Item Not Available at High Library
Students, faculty and staff of Elizabethtown College can request books and periodical articles that are not available at the library. Before ordering on interlibrary loan, always check the periodicals title list for journals and the library catalog for books and other materials. View Interlibrary Loan Policies.

Renewing E-town Books or Materials
Go to the Library Services page of our website. Then:

  • click on Renew E-town books
  • click on RENEW A BOOK
  • your User ID = 14 digits = 2 leading zeroes, 7 digit Elizabethtown College ID number, add 5 more zeroes.
  • your PIN is the year, month and day of your birthday (YYMMDD) example: if your birthday is May 7, 1986, your PIN number would be 860507
  • Place a check mark next to the items you would like to renew

Items may be renewed online one time. Bring materials to the library circulation desk to renew them a second time.  Need help? Contact High Library circulation desk at 717-361-1222

Renewing an Interlibrary Loan
Log on to ILLiad. Click the “View/renew checked out items” button. Open the desired item and then click “Request renewal.” Continue to check the status of this item on the ILLiad web page to see whether your request has been granted or denied. The only notification will be a change in the due date listed with the item.

Reporting a Lost or Damaged Item
To report a lost or damaged library item contact 717-361-1454

Overdue Fees and Lost Item Fines
Overdue fines are $.15 per day overdue per item. The library issues a 6 day grace period for all items. The grace period begins on the first day of the item due date and extends for 6 days after the original due date. This allows the borrower a period of 6 days in which to return the library item free of overdue fines. Once the grace period has expired, overdue fines will be charged beginning from the original due date. Overdue reserve items may incur a fine of $1.00 per day overdue. There are no grace periods associated with reserve items. Users are subject to a non-refundable fine of $55 for lost or damaged items.  For additional questions contact 717-361-1454.


 Using the Computers in High Library
The Library’s public computer workstations support teaching, learning, and academic research through access to the Library’s collections, databases, and other online information resources for the college community.

  • Priority is given to Elizabethtown College students, faculty and staff.
  • When others are waiting, do only essential coursework, i.e. no chat, games, etc.
  • When not engaged in academic research, community users are encouraged to take advantage of public library resources before using College resources.
  • Community users will be limited to one hour total per day.
  • Use only one computer at a time.

Elizabethtown College abides by federal laws, the statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, local ordinances and the College policies that guide behavior at Elizabethtown College.

Checking out a Laptop
Laptop computers are available at the High Library circulation/reserves desk for loan to active registered Elizabethtown College students, faculty, and staff. Laptops are available on a first-come basis. Laptops cannot be reserved ahead of time. Laptops, Internet cables and laptop power cords are not permitted to leave the library building. View the Laptop Policy.


Course Reserve Overview
Course Reserve is any item (book, article, video, etc.) that a professor wants to make available to everyone in the class, by putting it on reserve at the circulation desk. The item may be used by students either in the building or out of the building for short periods of time.

Course Reserve Out Times (varies by item)

  • 1 hour reserve: Most items can be checked out for one hour and must be used in the library.
  • 3-hour reserves may be used for three hours in the library.
  • Overnight reserve: Some items can be checked out overnight, beginning one half hour before the library closes. It must be returned within an hour of the opening of the library the next day.
  • 24-hour reserve items may leave the library for 24 hours from the time of checkout.

Reserve items that are checked out and not returned within the allotted borrowing time are subject to overdue or lost item fines.

Finding Course Reserves

All course reserves are kept at the circulation desk in High Library. You must show your ID card to check items out. To verify whether something is on reserve, click on the Reserve Desk button in the catalog. You may then look up the professor’s name, the course number or the course name to see what is on reserve for that professor or course. You can also look up any title in our catalog and the location will say CIRC-RES if the item is on reserve.

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