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History of High Library

Early History

Elizabethtown College's first library was housed on the second floor of Alpha Hall from 1900 until 1903, when it was moved to the building's first floor.

In 1910 the library was moved to Rider Hall, where in 1928 a reading room was added to expand the size of the library.

alpha hall

1930s - Rider Hall

By 1935 there was an effort by the Board of Trustees to build a new library, but the Great Depression scuttled those plans.

During the World War II era, the College began the process of meeting requirements to pass the Middle States Association accreditation.

1930s view of library in rider hall

1960s - Zug Memorial Hall

One of the concerns to be addressed for accreditation was a stipulation the College needed to build a library commensurate with its educational goals and aspirations. A fund- raising effort was initiated, and on April 9, 1949, ground breaking began on the new library. At a cost of $160,000, the Zug Memorial Library was dedicated on October 20, 1950; named in honor of Samuel R. Zug, one of the founders of Elizabethtown College. The new facility had capacity for 50,000 volumes, even though in 1950 there were only 16,500 volumes in the collection.

zug hall in the 60s

Zug Expands

It did not take too many years before Zug's capacity was reached, and in 1965 a wing on each end of the library was added,thereby expanding the library's capacity to 100,000 volumes for a student population of up to 1200.

zug under construction in 1965

The 1980s and Today

In the mid-1980s, a capital campaign was begun under President Gerhard Spiegler's leadership. One of the campaign's goals was to raise enough funds to erect a new library.

With the help of a generous gift from the High Foundation of Lancaster, the new library's construction began on March 14, 1989, and the building dedication was on September 22, 1990. The new library was named in honor S. Dale High, a class of 1963 graduate of Elizabethtown College.

The High Library has a capacity to house 250,000 volumes and is equipped with conference rooms, study carrels and group study spaces. The main floor also contains a smart classroom for research instruction and student use.

high library exterior on sunny day

s dale high

Librarians and Directors

1905-1906 Charles Bower   1940-1941 Florence Becker
1906-1907 Ruth Stayer Hoover   1941-1948 Isabel W. McCurdy
1907-1911 L.D. Rose   1949-1959 M. Alice Sylvester Heilman
1911-1913 B.F. Waltz   1959-1960 Emily C. Rahter
1913-1916 Calvin J. Rose   1960-1986 Anna M. Carper
1916-1917 H.D. Moyer   1986-2003 Nelson Bard
1917-1919 John F. Graham   2003-2005 Sylvia Morra (Interim)
1919-1920 Supera Martz   2005-2013 BethAnn Zambella
1920-1921 Floy Crouthamel   2013-2014 Sylvia Morra (Interim)
1921-1940 L.D. Rose   2014-present Sarah Penniman


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