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Manifold Greatness Exhibition

The words of the 1611 King James Bible ring out today in books, poems, popular songs, speeches and sermons. But who translated it, and what made this particular translation so influential?  The exhibition Manifold Greatness:  The Creation and Afterlife of the King James Bible, tells the little-known story of one of the most widely read and printed books in the history of the English language: the King James Bible—which marked its 400th anniversary in 2011.

Visit The High Library beginning Feb. 2, 2013 to explore the dangerous world of earlier English Bibles, which could bring a death sentence to a translator... the massive, multiyear project that produced the King James Bible... and its later roles on both sides of the Atlantic, from family record-keeping to presidential inaugurations, and from literature to public devotion.

Public events to experience the exhibit begin at Elizabethtown College February 2 and continue through February 21. 

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