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Campus Copiers

The campus Copier Program is a campus-wide program created to monitor and negotiate copier costs for the entire campus.  The photocopiers are leased and maintained by Phillips Office Solutions.

Our mission is to provide efficient and reliable copy equipment to meet the needs of Elizabethtown College instructional, service and administrative units.   To provide the highest standards of service at the lowest possible cost, we insure that copier equipment adequately meets the needs of users in terms of size, types of features, and copy quality.

Copier Key Operators

A key operator is assigned to each campus copier.  Key operators are designated contact people at copier locations who coordinate supplies and service, and are knowledgeable enough about the copier's operations to assist others, add paper, toner and staples, and perform basic troubleshooting.

Supplies & Repairs

Contact the Key Operator assigned to the copier.  If a copier is not working properly, please let the key operator know so it may be serviced as quickly as possible.

(List of copiers and key operator)

“Toner Phoners”

All toner for copiers is paid for through a maintenance contract so beware of “Toner Phoners”! There are several unscrupulous businesses out there who attempt to sell you outrageously priced toner over the phone. They may start with asking you what is the model or ID# of the copier near your desk. They may say they have extra stock of the toner you need or the price is soon to increase. They may offer to ship you a toner on trial. Regardless of what they say, don’t give them ANY information. You will never need to purchase toner for machines in your area. A quick way to ditch these “toner phoners” is to tell them you would like to transfer them to the person in the organization who purchases toner – they will hang up before you can transfer them!


Paper supplied by the copier program is for copier program copiers only and not for department printers, fax machines or personal use.  We track paper orders, inventory and usage.

Request to Move a copier

Never move a copier without the permission of Campus Services.   Requests to move a copier should be directed to Tiffany Wells, extension 1575.


The Phillips Group will provide basic training for key operators and end users upon request. To schedule comprehensive training on copiers for users in your area, contact Tiffany Wells at or extension 1575 to make arrangements.

Paying for Copies & Prints

Campus departments and students copier usage is tracked via Papercut software and charged for usage accordingly. Printing through PaperCut allows management to track copier usage across campus, allowing for effective maintenance.  Charges include a cost per click and paper charge.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff departments are charged for copying or printing from campus copiers.  Faculty and staff personal accounts are not charged for department printing, although they are using their individual PaperCut accounts. 


Sharp multifunction copiers are provided for your convenience in the High Library (main floor), the Chemistry Library (Musser 102), and the Center for Student Involvement.   These copiers are part of a contract lease, and are not owned by the college.  All prints or copies made at these devices are charged on a per print basis.

When copying/printing to a copier, if you select “Charge to my personal account”, the cost of these prints will be billed to your personal college account.  The charges are submitted monthly and will appear on your billing statement as “copier charges”.

When printing on behalf of departments, make sure you are selecting “Charge to shared account” and selecting the appropriate account from the drop-down menu.  If you do not have the department in your list, please have your supervisor contact the Helpdesk ( to request access.

Student Employees copying/printing on behalf of a department

Add/Remove User Accounts in Papercut

Departments should email to add, delete or change user accounts.

Authorizing Student Assistants for Department Copying and Printing

You must submit or have submitted a request to authorize student assistants to copy or print on behalf of the department.  If a student is not authorized, their personal account will be charged.

Making a request to authorize or remove authorization

Submit the following information to the

Add/Delete      Student Name      Department Name

Add                   Sara Jane               Purchasing     
Delete              Tom Jones             Purchasing 

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