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Elizabethtown College provides local telephone services, long distance telephone services, and voice mail to faculty and staff.   Faculty, staff, and department offices are provided with Cisco IP Telephones and voice mail.  

Faculty and staff must obtain an authorization code/PIN from The Accounts Payable Office (Business Office) inorder to make long distance calls.  

A courtesy phone is installed in the commons of each residence hall for the general use of the students to make outbound (on campus calls) and emergency calls. 

Emergency (blue light) phones throughout the campus and elevator emergency phones are directly connected Campus Security.

Department Office Telephones

Faculty, staff, and department offices are provided with Cisco IP Telephones and voice mail. Faculty and staff must obtain an authorization code/PIN from The Accounts Payable Office (Business Office) in order to make a long distance call.  The use of Elizabethtown College telephone services is intended for business purposes only. However, there are times when circumstances will require that you make a personal long distance call. Please remember to reimburse the department budget office for any personal calls.

Local Calling

On Campus Calls:             Dial the four digit extension number
Off Campus Calls:             Dial 9 and the 7 digit phone number

Long Distance Calling

Long distance calls that are made from faculty, staff, or office telephones require the use of an authorization code/PIN.  After you dial the long distance number, enter the authorization/PIN when you hear a tone.

Long Distance Authorization/PIN (personal identification number) Codes

Elizabethtown College issues long distance PIN’s to individuals.  The codes should be kept confidential to avoid fraud.

 Long Distance Calls:              

Using Elizabethtown College long distance authorization code, dial 9 + 1 + area code (including 717 area code) + telephone number + 5 digit authorization code.

Toll Free Long Distance Calls:                     

Dial 9 + 1 + 800 + telephone number (800 & 877 & 888 Calls).

Information/Operator Assistance Calls: 

Dial 9 + 1 + area code + 555-1212 + 5 digit authorization code

International Calls:                                       

Dial 9 + 011 + country code + city code + telephone number + 5 digit authorization code.

Student Telephone Service

Long distance service from and direct dialing into student residence rooms will no longer be available.  However, students may use a long distance carrier of choice through a calling card or credit card. Access is available to long distance carriers by dialing the carrier's access number(s).  Please contact a particular carrier directly relating to access number(s).

Telephone Services and Repairs

If you feel there is a problem with your phone line, please check it out with a known (similar style) working phone (borrow one from your neighbor) before emailing the Helpdesk.  If you still feel you have a problem, please contact the ITS help desk at x-3333.  For telephone service or repairs, call the ITS Helpdesk at extension 3333.

Telephone Changes

If you are moving offices, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at x3333.
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