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Getting a Purchasing Card, commonly referred to as a PCard, at Elizabethtown College involves approval, training and other important measures. Here, we discuss the process.

Elizabethtown College policies, as well as good business practices, must be followed in using the PCard.

  • The PCard functions as an alternative to a check, the same approval limits apply to both.
  • Transactions cannot be split to circumvent the $999 limit.
  • Card limits will NOT be increased.
  • Cards cannot be shared.
  • Allocation and statement submission is required monthly.
  • PCard training is required for new card users.
  • PCards will be deactivated for non-compliance.

NOTE:  PCards are never to be used in the College Store

Purchase Approval Limits

  • The Department Head is not required to sign the invoice or receipt for purchases under $999.
  • Purchases between $1,000- $4,999 require a signature approval on the invoice, purchase requisition, or purchase order.
  • Payment requests for $5,000 and over should be processed using a Purchase Order. 
    Transaction Amount Purchaser/Budget Manager Department Head Senior Staff VP for Finance President
    Up to $999 x        
    $1,000 - $4,999 x x x    
    $5,000 - $24,999 x x x x  
    $25,000 and over x x x x x


To change card account information , you will need to contact Tiffany Wells @ or extension 1575. All of the items listed above are preset on the card at time of issuance. If no requests are made, the limits set will remain the same until notified or card cancellation occurs.

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