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Major Exploration

Major Exploration

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Success Stories

We are excited to feature student success stories on our website.  Stop by Career Services to find out how we can help you and turn your questions into success.


Salyiena Lo, Class of 2016                                     Accounting Major/  Mathematics Minor

Summer Internship (2014)

Summer Intern — At High Company LLC, I help them organize information on the commercial-side and residential-side of real estate in the market.

How did you hear about your job?

I saw the internship position at High Real Estate Group through the college email.

How have you interfaced with Career Services?

I had questions for Tina MacKenzie and quickly got responses from her regarding internships. I needed help on my cover letter and Career Services did a good job on helping me establish good pointers on writing one during my process of applying for multiple internships.

What advice would you give to other students about gaining a meaningful summer job/internship?

In regards to your major, apply to as many internships as you can. Whether you like it or not, you can put that experience on your resume enhancing your chances of getting a job or internship in your future. Even though you might have not liked something that you did, you know for sure you would not do that for the rest of your life as a career. During internships, knowing your likes and dislikes is a good thing in the long run. Also, the more interviews you get, the more experienced you are at landing an interview. Be open to change and take advantage of the opportunities. 


Hannah Reagan, Class of 2013
Business Administration Major/ Concentration in Marketing and a Minor in Sociology

Current Employment

Campaign Specialist for School & Youth Programs at the Central PA Chapter for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Summer Internship

"I interned with the Lancaster Barnstormers after completing my junior year. I worked with their marketing team after returning home from studying abroad. I assisted in game day preparation, marketing initiatives at the stadium and in the community and improving the fan experience on game days. From gaining experience with the Barnstormers, I was offered a full year internship during my senior year at Pages Bookstore in Elizabethtown, a small business selling used books. I worked in the store at the sales desk while managing marketing communications and assisting with in-store events and social media."

How did you hear about your job?

"As a freshman, my upperclassmen friends sought out resume and interview skills assistance from Career Services. They were able to get better internships and more interviews than friends who didn’t pursue their help. I kept that knowledge in my back pocket as I started pursuing internships."

How have you interfaced with Career Services?

"As a business professional in non-profit work, I have such an appreciation for the resume services and internship assistance provided to me by Career Services. I firmly believe that taking the initial step in seeking their help has allowed me to pursue a meaningful career."

What advice would you give to other students?

"The job market students are entering is a tough one. Utilize the tools that Career Services has to offer. They will help you find internships, improve your resume and give you the confidence you need to step into an interview and land the job. All you need to do is ask for help."

Jennifer Bitgood

Jennifer Bitgood, Class of 2014
Sociology/Anthropology Major

Summer Internship (2013)

"Tutor Counselor – working with underprivileged high school students to accelerate their education for the upcoming academic year to help them to become first-generation college students while also providing emotional support"

How did you hear about your job?

"I saw the advertisement on Career Service’s weekly email."

How have you interfaced with Career Services?

"I met with Tina MacKenzie to discuss internship options as well as to work on my resume and cover letter in order to apply."

What advice would you give to other students about gaining a meaningful summer job/internship?

"Always keep looking for job opportunities.  You might not think an opportunity could possibly work out for you, but don’t deny yourself the chance."

Laura Klein

Laura Klein, Class of 2016
Psychology Major

Summer Internship (2013)

"Museum Assistant at the New Jersey Children’s Museum in Paramus, NJ.  At the Children’s Museum I assisted in opening for the morning, working with children ages 3-7 on arts and crafts, science experiments and playing games. I was also responsible for engaging the children in interactive play such as four corners or relay races. I enjoyed doing the activities with the children because of the joy they had learning a new game or making a craft for their parents. My job also taught me how to deal with conflict, not only with the children but the adults."

How did you hear about your job?

"The position for Museum Assistant was posted on Craigslist back in April."

How have you interfaced with Career Services?

"The Career Services office helped me to prepare for the interview, which helped me land the job."

What advice would you give to other students about gaining a meaningful summer job/internship?

"The advice I would give to students about gaining a meaningful summer job is to look for something they like to do. It’s a chance to try something you think you may want to do in the future before choosing your career."

David Nagel

David Nagel, Class of 2015
Accounting Major, Information Systems Minor

Summer Internship (2013)

"Accounting intern at Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe; I create templates for financial statements in Oracle and assist with accounts payable duties, such as organizing contracts and analyzing credit card payments"

How did you hear about your job?

"I attended the job fair in the spring, spoke to one of the representatives, had the interview, and got a phone call the following day!"

How have you interfaced with Career Services?

"Face-lifting my resume (multiple times!), helping me become more confident with interviewing and interpersonal skills, and helping me search for internships"

What advice would you give to other students about gaining a meaningful summer job/internship?

"If you really want an internship, let people know!  Let recruiters know that you are sincerely and enthusiastically interested in learning and getting a great experience, and they will appreciate that more than straight A's."

Nick Thompson

Nick Thompson, Class of 2013
Business Administration Major with concentrations in Finance and Accounting

Current position

"I work for JP Morgan Chase and I am a Securities Settlement Specialist in the Corporate Investment Bank (CIB). I am part of the Securities Lending Asset Management team which is responsible for Collateral Asset Management and Operational/Functional Support for our trading desk."

How did you hear about your job?

"I got the position through a headhunting agency called The Mergis Group who's parent company is Randstad. I was able to land the position through assistance from the Elizabethtown College Career Services Office who provided me with interviewing skills. The agency also supplied me with some helpful tips going into the interview."

How have you interfaced with Career Services?

"I worked with Career Services many times throughout my time at Elizabethtown. Mostly towards my Junior and Senior year but wish I would have worked with the office earlier because they were very helpful. They were very helpful with Resume and Interview preparation as well as providing a source of job and internship openings through Jobs For Jays and Career Fairs."

What advice would you give to other students about gaining a meaningful summer job/internship?

"The first and foremost piece of advice I could give any student is they NEED an internship. Today, employers want relevant experience that proves the student's ability to succeed in a work environment. The next piece of advice is that it is never too early and to start seeking employment at the start of Senior year. I started looking for a job in the beginning of my Senior year and did not get hired until a week before graduation. Another piece of advice is to make as many contacts as possible throughout their career (employers, teachers, peers, athletics, activities, etc.) Interview preparation is also extremely important, practice interviewing skills with Career Services or attend Mock Interviews. And the last piece of advice is to have confidence going into your interview because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

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