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Campus Wellness Network

The Campus Wellness Network is an on-campus resource that helps to identify and intervene with at-risk students in our Elizabethtown College community. This action group meets bi-weekly to discuss particular referrals. We follow students and their issues to conclusion.

How do I refer a student to the Campus Wellness Network?

Any member of the Elizabethtown College community can contact CWN. Should you wish to refer a student to the CWN, you may contact any member of the committee with the student's name and concern.

What happens with my referral?

Your referral will be shared only with members of the committee. The student's name will be presented to the group by your contact person. His/Her situation will be discussed and, if an intervention is needed, the professional most appropriate for the student's situation will respond to the need.

Campus Wellness Network:
Who to Contact


 Betsy Allen

 Student Information Systems Coordinator

 (717) 361-1405

Jean-Paul Benowitz

Assistant Director of Academic Advising                                         Director of Student Transition Programs


(717) 361-1110

Allison Bridgeman

Director of Residence Life                                                               Associate Dean of Students

(717) 361-1426

Marianne Calenda

Dean of Students

(717) 361-1196

Lynne Davies

Director, Disability and Learning Services

(717) 361-1227

Brandon Jackson

Coordinator of Multicultural Programs

(717) 361-1983

Brian Newsome

Assistant Dean of First Year Programs

(717) 361-1251

Tammie Longsderff

Assistant Director of Learning & Disability Services

(717) 361-1549

Dr. Bruce Lynch

Director of Student Wellness

(717) 361-1300

Susan Asbury

Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities

(717) 361-4742

Stephanie Rankin
Committee Chair

Associate Dean of Students
Director of Academic Advising

(717) 361-1569

Bridget Spooner

Head Athletic Trainer

(717) 361-1137

Kristi Syrdahl

Director, Office of International Student Services

(717) 361-1594

Eileen Wagener

College Health Liaison and Campus Health

(717) 489-1021

Andrew Powell

Director of Campus Security

(717) 361-1438

Elizabeth McCloud

Director of Financial Aid

(717)  361-1302

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