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ID Card Policy

Every student is issued an ID card by Campus Security . It must be carried as a source of identification and admission to College events such as athletic contests, exhibitions and public lectures, and dramatic productions. It also serves to admit students to the Marketplace, and it can be used to charge purchases at the College Store and the Jay’s Nest. The College’s Time and Attendance System requires student employees in some departments to use their College ID card to “swipe” in and out. Students are required to have their ID card with them whenever reporting to work.

ID cards must be shown to College officials upon request. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. ID cards may be confiscated by a Campus Security officer. They may be reclaimed at the Office of the Dean of Students. Failure to surrender your ID card to a Campus Security officer upon request may lead to disciplinary action. Your Campus ID Card includes your name, photo, student ID number, and validation information. Treat this card as you would a credit card. It is as valuable as cash on campus.

Call Campus Security at ext. 1264 to report your card lost or stolen. Go to the Dining Services offices in the Brossman Commons to acquire a temporary ID card. Dining Services will not issue a temporary ID card until you report your original card as stolen to Campus Security.  The temporary card will be valid for three (3) days or nine (9) meals, whichever comes first. Your temporary ID card is only valid at The Marketplace. It may not be used for Jay Bucks or other types of student charges.

If you do not find your ID card or it is damaged by neglect (including the punching of holes in the card), you will need to purchase a new one through Campus Security. The cost of a new card is $30. This replacement fee will be billed to your student account.

Statement about liability for unauthorized use: You will be responsible for all transactions made with your ID card until you report the loss to Campus Security.

Charge activity via your ID card is billed on a monthly basis. Any balance not paid by the due date is subject to finance charges of 1.5% per month or 18% per annum.

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