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Room Security and Privacy

All resident students are encouraged to lock their doors when absent from their rooms. The College is not responsible for the theft or other loss of money, valuables or personal effects of resident students. Therefore, each student is advised to carry personal property insurance.

The College respects the basic privacy of the student at all times, but reserves the right to enter rooms should there be a reason to believe that College policies have been compromised or violated.  Also, student rooms may be entered for purposes of maintenance, repair, and routine/emergency health and safety/quality assurance inspections and in case of emergency.  In addition, if there is a reasonable suspicion to believe that a room contains contraband items such as drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, firearms, and excessive quantities of alcohol such as kegs, party balls, etc.;

  1. College officials may enter a room for a preliminary visual inspection that may, in turn, lead to a more thorough administrative search. Prohibited items may be seized by College officials.
  2. The Dean of Students or, in his/her absence, a designated Student Life administrator or member of Senior Staff, may authorize a thorough search of a student‘s residence. The search will be conducted by a Campus Security Officer and witnessed by a member of the Residence Life professional staff. Prohibited items may be seized by Campus Security.

Whenever prohibited items are seized an official inventory will be prepared. A copy of the inventory will be available to the student for his/her review and signature. A photo of each item may also be taken as further documentation of the search. Prohibited items will be disposed of according to the policies of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Campus Security. Contraband such as drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, firearms and excessive quantities of alcohol will not be returned to the student.

When a fire alarm is sounding, Residence Life, Campus Security, and Facilities Management staff will visually check the residence hall floors but will not enter rooms. If deemed necessary during fire safety inspections and/or investigations, student rooms may be entered. Students are responsible for exiting the building every time a fire alarm sounds.

If a Residence Life staff member discovers contraband items through other normal functions in residence halls, they will ask the Campus Security officers to confiscate the item(s). Campus Security officers are authorized to confiscate forbidden items at the request of any Residence Life staff member.

It may be necessary for College staff to enter student rooms for purposes of maintenance, repair, or routine health and safety/quality assurance inspection. An effort will be made not to interfere with the normal routine of student activities when such work must be done. Every effort will be made to inform students when College staff and/or contracted workers must enter student rooms. College staff and contracted employees should be readily identifiable, and are required to provide identification when requested.

Health, Safety and Wellness Inspections

The Residence Life staff conducts health, safety and wellness inspections at least once during each semester. The inspections ensure that student living spaces are safe, clean and well-maintained. In addition, the inspections provide opportunities for students to become educated about activities of daily living, as well as their personal and community responsibilities of campus residential life.

Fund Raising and Solicitation Policy

If the fund-raising project involves any solicitation of off campus persons including parents, businesses, alumni, or any other off campus constituency, it must be approved by the Office of Institutional Advancement in Alpha Hall and the group’s advisor.

Soliciting is not permitted on campus without the written authorization of the Dean of Students. In general, no solicitation requests involving personal gain, or by agencies or individuals from outside the College are approved. In addition, door-to-door solicitation in residence halls by campus clubs, organizations, or individuals is prohibited.


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