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As you walked through campus this spring, you might have noticed blue and white tags on equipment, walls, buildings or even people...

April 22 was "Tag the 'Town Day, a day dedicated to an all-out illustration of the many ways in which our campus, students, faculty, and staff benefit from donor contributions. More than 200 tags were proudly hung to thank our donors for their kindness and to show the world just how much their generosity makes a difference on our campus!

While the 22nd was the official "Tag the 'Town" day, tags have remained on display throughout the weeks as a reminder of the generosity of donors.

Also check out the list of featured items below amd learn first hand how donor support directly impacts by reading the stories of a few students below.

Meet the Taggers

Elizabethtown students contribute to the world in immeasurable ways during their years on campus, and future endeavors. Yet they can't do it on ambition, intellect and creativity alone. Donor contributions play a significant role in supporting our students – from providing grants and scholarships, to funding research projects and fulfilling unexpected needs such as building enhancements and more. It's your support that makes their dreams a reality.

Our Tag the 'Town video follows students as they tag hundreds of items made possible by the generosity of our donors. Below you will learn more about these students who directly benefit from your gifts. If you've yet to view the video featuring these students, you can watch it now.


Nicholas Clemens '13

  • Political Science major
  • Recipient of the R. Kent Replogle Scholarship
What he loves about E-town:

I love the dedication to service and doing your part to be a bigger part of the world. I like having the freedom to do what I wanted in academics and outside the classroom (and sometimes merging the two). I wanted a personalized education in a friendly atmosphere that promoted relationships for life-long learning and achievement.

His thoughts on E-town academics:

I really enjoyed the liberal arts education. As a political science major there's a million different ways to apply what I've learned in my major to what I've learned in core classes. Professors encourage that connection and they enjoy seeing you expand your view of these subjects. You can learn in and out of the classroom and the College had real world experience/learning as a requirement. I was required to do this only once but I gladly did so many times.


Audrey Barrett '16

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Recipient of the Ruth L. Ripley Non-Traditional Occupational Therapy Scholarship
Why she chose E-town:

I was really drawn to the close community of E-town, as well as their stellar OT program! I love how we call the professors by their first names in the OT department; it really builds closeness. I love that there are so many options of things to do on campus that anyone can get involved in regardless of their major.

How E-town helped her grow:

E-town has been a great experience so far, the environment is ideal for learning how to grow up and live on your own in a safe way. The faculty and staff are always there to ensure your success and put you back on your feet if you stumble, but they really do encourage you to be your own person which is exactly what college should be. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

sam creon holding tagSamuel Ceron '13

  • Mass Communications
  • Recipient of the John P. Shepherd, Jr. Scholarship
How E-town helped him grow:

Elizabethtown College has allowed me to reach new heights, especially in the Communications department. We have WWEC 88.3, which allows students to have their own radio show. We also have ECTV 40, the student-run television station on campus, which gives students an opportunity to work behind the scenes or on camera, which has been valuable experience in my internships.  I have obtained various internships, which have allowed me to increase my knowledge in television and radio. It has also helped my interview and resume skills which are going to become beneficial when I graduate.

What he does when he's not in the classroom:

I have been a part of EMOTION, the dance club on campus, which is a great way to meet people of different majors and backgrounds. You do not need to have dance experience to be a part of the club, which is why so many people enjoy it. I am also a writer for the Etownian, the campus newspaper. The Etownian has allowed me to enhance my writing through the diverse articles I have written as well as learning time management with deadlines.

His proudest E-town moment:

My proudest moment was being a part of the Homecoming Court my senior year. The parade and interacting with the town was one of the greatest experiences I have been a part of.


Liz Rall '14

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Enjoys the new study lounge in Meyer Hall
Why she chose Elizabethtown:

I chose Elizabethtown College for the Occupational Therapy program; however, I also loved the campus. I love how the professors make themselves available to students when it comes to academics and how many resources we have on campus in order to get help if needed.

Her proudest moment in college:

My proudest moment by far at Elizabethtown has just been the fact that I continue to succeed. The OT department has done so much for us students in order for us to flourish and become very professional in practice settings, especially when we are sent out on Fieldwork assignments.


Kim Welker '13

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Recipient of the Robert F. and Annette (Mumma) Nation Scholarship Fund
What she likes most about E-town academics:

I like that the professors really seem to care about us. I have always been a name, not a number at E-town, and it has made all the difference in my academic career. The professors are also very passionate about what they are teaching, which is always refreshing to see in class.

Proudest E-town achievement:

[My proudest achievement was] being a peer mentor for three years. The program had such a wonderful influence on me as a first year student, and it has been an honor to give back to three other classes of first year students.

Featured Tagged Items

Scroll through the list below to see all of the tagged items, or you also may search by keyword!

Item Area
Bricked College sign Admissions
Leffler House Admissions
J.G. Francis Statue Alpha
Raffensperger Alumni House Alumni House
Light Posts (5-10) Around Campus
Soccer Ball Athletics
Wolf Field Athletics
Boyd Stadium Athletics
Wrestling Coach (Walker) Athletics
Basketball Net Athletics
Jay Walk Athletics
Athletics Hall of Fame Athletics
Coaches Offices Athletics
Wrestling Room/Mats Athletics
Volleyball Athletics
Alumni Pool Athletics
The Blue Jay Mascot Athletics
Tennis Courts Athletics
Softball Field Athletics
Track Athletics
Athletics Classroom Athletics
Athletics AV Room Athletics
Locker Rooms Athletics
Brinser Lounge Brinser
Brinser Residential Room Brinser
Dance Studio Brossman
Marketplace Brossman
Blue Bean Café lounge area Brossman
Brezovec Conference Room Brossman
Brossman Commons Brossman
24-hour Computer Lab Brossman
2005 Clock Brossman
The Body Shop Brossman
Student Activities Brossman
Koons Activity Venue Brossman
The Bird Cage game area Brossman
Bike Rack in front of Student Center Brossman
Outdoor tables and chairs near student center Brossman
Learning Services Brossman
Disability Services Brossman
Career Services Brossman
Student Mailbox Brossman
Mail Services - General Brossman
Tempest Theater Brossman
Chaplain's Office Brossman
Called to Lead Brossman
Center for Student Involvement Brossman
Campus Security Office Campus Security
Campus Security Vehicle Campus Security
Campus Security Officer Campus Security
Digital cameras/projector - Esbenshade Classroom Esbenshade
Founders Lounge Founders
Founders Residential Room (A) Founders
Founders Residential Room (B) Founders
Founders Residential Room (C) Founders
Founders Residential Room (D) Founders
Hackman Apartments - North Hackman
Hackman Apartments - South Hackman
Computers in computer lab High Library
Library Books High Library
Westminster chimes (plaque on front landing) High Library
High Library (front door) High Library
Large Globe High Library
Fireplace Alcove High Library
Study area on main floor High Library
McCormick Lab High Library
Brethren Heritage Room High Library
Printers - Library High Library
DVD/Books sponsored by Senate/Gibble endowed funds High Library
School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) Hoover
Center for Family Business Hoover
Hoover Center Hoover
Elevator Hoover
Digital cameras/projector - Hoover Classroom Hoover
Bitting Case Study Room Hoover
Business Department Mural Hoover
VITA Room Hoover
Room 110 (Large room on first floor) Hoover
Stock Ticker Hoover
Newcomb/Murphy Endowed Scholarship Hoover
Family Business Library Hoover
Steinway Piano Leffler
The Dam on Lake Placida Leffler
Ware Lecture Series Leffler
Leffler Chapel Leffler
Brick entrance to the Chapel Leffler
Lake Placida Leffler
Gazebo near Lake Placida Leffler
Biology Lab Masters
Biology 2nd-Floor Lounge Masters
OT Kids Zone Masters
Chemistry Lab Masters
Engineering Area Masters
Masters Center Masters
Masters Mineral Galley Masters
Gibble Auditorium Masters
Benches on Academic Quad Masters
Esbenshade Classroom 1st Floor Masters
Esbenshade Classroom 2nd Floor Masters
Esbenshade Classroom 3rd Floor Masters
Chemistry Research Students Masters
Spectrofulroimeter Masters
High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph Masters
Summer Student Research Students Masters
Musser Classroom Musser
Susquehanna Room Myer
Myer Lounge Myer
Myer Residential Room Myer
ITS Nicarry
Express Printing Lab Nicarry
Center for Global Understanding Nicarry
Study Abroad (Send to student) Nicarry
Nicarry 1st Floor Classroom Room #127 Nicarry
Nicarry 2nd Floor Classroom Room #201 Nicarry
Center for Community and Civic Engagement Nicarry
Science in Motion Nicarry
Moving Forward Together w/ Milton Hershey Nicarry
Education classroom Nicarry
Education workroom Nicarry
Social Work Classroom Nicarry
Brittany's Hope Endowment Nicarry
Science/Math Education Lab Nicarry
Special Education Lab Nicarry
Education Conference/Seminar Room Nicarry
Mock/Model Classroom for Elementary Education Nicarry
Lend a Hand Trip Participants/Fogelsanger Award Nicarry
Social Work student conference Nicarry
Ober Lounge Ober
Ober Residential Room Ober
Residence Life House Res Life
Royer Lounge Royer
Royer Residential Room Royer
Schlosser Lounge Schlosser
Schlosser Residential Room Schlosser
TV Station Steinman
Mac Lab  Steinman
Mobile Production van Steinman
Radio Station Steinman
Steinman - Big Columns Steinman
Brinser Lecture Room Steinman
Art Studios Steinman
Stamps Scholarship Students
Scholarship Recipients (20-30) Students
The Dell Gazebo The Dell
Honors Center Wenger
Honors Center Classroom Wenger
History Department Wenger
R. W. Schlosser Professor of English (Downing) Wenger
Fetzer Lounge Wenger
Asian Studies Minor Wenger
Modern Languages Department Wenger
Wenger 3rd Floor Classroom Wenger
Wenger 4th Floor Classroom Wenger
Peace and Conflict Studies Minor Wenger
Writers House Writers House
Young Center Young Center
Young Center Classroom Young Center
Young Center Historical Documents Young Center
Zug Recital Hall Zug
Hess Art Gallery Zug
Practice Rooms on first floor Zug
Zug Performance Room Zug
Financial Aid Office Zug
Class of 2009/2012 outdoor classroom Zug
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