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Wellness @ Etown

This program focuses on a holistic approach to health by examining the 8 dimensions of wellness. Participants will gain an understanding of the definition of wellness and the major concept for each dimension related to college students. This program is a 45 minute presentation that can be condensed into an overview 15 minute presentation. Both presentations offer interactive segments including games and group activities (15 min or 45 min).


RX: Healthy Eating and Exercise

This program begins with a brief individual nutrition self-assessment followed by information on portion size and eating healthy at Etown. The second part of the program features information on physical activity including: helpful tips, working out at Etown, and dorm room exercises. This program concludes with an optional section where participants can take part in exercise stations to properly learn technique (30-45 minutes).



The focus of this presentation is alcohol and marijuana. Participants will team up in groups of 5 to answer BIG questions on white boards related to marijuana and alcohol. The presentation ends with scenarios for each group to discuss. Groups with the most points at the end of the game win great prizes like: t-shirts, water bottles, gift cards, etc (30-45 minutes).


Sex in the Lounge

The week before this program, participants in the resident hall will be able to ask questions about sex anonymously through a question box set up in the resident hall. During the presentation certified peer educators will answer the questions related to sexual health and give information on the proper use of a condom (30-45 minutes).


Keep Calm and Sleep Well!

This presentation offers helpful tips for stress and sleep. Participants have the opportunity to make personalized stress balls and practice stress relief techniques. Prizes include: sleep masks, stress kits, water bottles, and more (30-45 minutes).



Red Flags in Relationships

This presentation begins with participants identifying media portrayals of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Participants will break into groups to discuss what they desire within a relationship. Participants will then engage in a group activity to evaluate various individual signs of unhealthy and abusive relationships. Facilitators will lead a group discussion to consider how to recognize the progressive signs of an unhealthy and abusive relationship. Information will be given on elements of a healthy relationship and how to develop healthy relationships as well as how to help a friend in an unhealthy or abusive relationship. Prizes will be given for participation (30-45 minutes).


everyBODY is beautiful!

This presentation begins by looking at body image in the media by viewing the Dove evolution video. Participants will then look through advertisements and magazines to identify why body image has been distorted and the connection with eating disorders. Participants will walk away with bracelets reminding them to quit the fat talk and positive post it notes to share with friends (30-45 minutes).


Sex and Chocolate

Want a kiss? Participants can answer questions about consent and sexual health to get a Hershey Kiss. The participant with the most kisses at the end gets a gift card for iTunes. This presentation offers information on sexually transmitted infections, contraceptives, and other topics (30-45 minutes).

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