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Perks and Culture

The most prominent perk of working at Elizabethtown College is getting the opportunity to be a part of a bigger world. You will impact the lives of students around you, you will work alongside passionate coworkers who strive for success, and you will accomplish great things for this institution. This is more than just a job…this is the opportunity to collaborate with mindful leaders, to impact yet learn from students, and to make a difference in this community. You’ll surprise yourself by the accomplishments you leave in your footsteps.

The workplace culture at Elizabethtown College is collaborative, engaging, welcoming and inspiring. You may be pushed outside of your comfort zone, but only because we encourage continual thinking, observations, and suggestions. We aren’t stagnant. We continue to grow and seek new ideas. We want to be the best at what we do…and our employees are the integral part of this institution’s success.

Two Professors

  Sandi Hilsher, High Library

"I especially enjoy being around and assisting students as part of my job in the library." >Read more. 
Two Professors

Sanjay Paul, Department of Business

"I like how you can implement good ideas relatively quickly..." >Read more.
Two Professors

Mark Clapper, Alumni Relations

"...Having the opportunity to support a mission that is so noble and relevant ... is truly unique..." >Read more
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