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International Leadership Team Assistants

International Leadership Assistants (ILA's) eases the transition of first-year students into the college. During the summer and fall, the ILA's are given extensive training so they can help the students as best as possible.

Each ILA is given a group of first-year students to bond with and make new friends. ILA's assist incoming international students in adjusting academically, culturally and socially to the United States and Elizabethtown College.

Applications are accepted in March of each year.

ILA’s are committed to making Elizabethtown College a warm and welcoming
community for our new students from around the world take a look at our team:


 2013 - 2014 International Leadership Team

Julia Carboni
Year: Senior – Class of 2014
Major: Japanese and Spanish
Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, little bit of Mandarin Chinese and Bengali
Favorite Colors: Green!
Places I have traveled: Guatemala, Mexico, China, Ecuador, Japan, and within US
On Campus Activities: Learning Services tutor, Phonathon, and Alpha Lambda Delta officer
Advice: Be adventurous! Every opportunity to experience something new is a gift – learn to cherish it.
American Slang and US Culture Sessions Assistant


Duc Truyen Dam (Danny)
Year: Senior - Class of 2014
Major: International Business (Finance)
Minor: International Studies
Languages: Vietnamese, English, and a little Chinese
Favorite Colors: Black and Yellow
Places I have traveled: Singapore, Beijing (China), NYC, D.C., Baltimore (MD), Seattle (WA), Philadelphia (PA), Pittsburg (PA), Princeton (NJ)
On Campus Activities: International Club, E-town Enactus, Learning Services, Diversity Office, and International Student Services Office
Advice: Try to participate in as many extra-curricular activities as possible and enjoy your time!

International Film Festival and Tea at Three Assistant

Carla Limpias Parada
Year: Sophomore – Class 2016
Major: Industrial Engineering Management
Languages: Spanish & English
Favorite Colors: Blue & Gold
Places I have traveled: Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Mexico, the Caribbean and USA
On Campus Activities: Club Volleyball, Women Engineers Club, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society
Advice: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid and have fun!
Social Media, Marketing, Web Assistant


Gianni Lombardo
Year: Sophomore - Class of 2016
Major: International Business
Languages: Spanish, Guarani, English
Places I have traveled: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Canada. In the U.S.: Washington state, California, Idaho, New York, New Jersey, Florida.
OnCampus Activities: Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Emotion (Dance)
Advice: Don´t be afraid to ask question, do what you love, relax, and have fun.
International Friendship Program Assistant

David Nagel
Year:  Junior--Class of 2015
Major:  Accounting
Languages:  English, a little bit of Mandarin
Favorite Color:  Turquoise!
Places I have traveled:  China, England, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada (layover in the airport!)
On Campus Activities: Enactus, Dining Services Student Manager, Tutor, Accounting Club, Delta Mu Delta, Project Forward Leap, Called to Lead
Advice:  Participate in a volunteering mission trip, study abroad, have an open mind, get involved, and (most importantly) SMILE!
Rice For Refugees and International Education Week Assistant


Bruchette Myrtil
Year: Senior– Class of 2014
Major: Biology/Philosophy
Languages: French, Creole, English
Favorite Colors: Blue, Green and Yellow
Places I have traveled: Haitian Native, USA and the Dominican Republic
On Campus Activities: Noir
Advice: Challenge yourself and have faith!

International Leadership Logistical Assistant







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