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Campus Wide Convenience Copiers – Copiers are located throughout the campus. These machines are available for use by Faculty, Staff and student club members.  A valid ID number is needed to operate any campus copier for department or club relate work. Elizabethtown College Students can charge copies to their student ID’s in the High Library.

Overview of Services Offered by Print Services

Personal and Off-Campus Jobs – All services provided by Print Services are available to Students, Faculty, Staff and Elizabethtown community members. Please call 361-1122 or email for submission information and rates.

Full Color and Black Ink Copying/Printing – Color copying/printing and standard black ink copying/printing can be done from hardcopy, CD, travel drive or network/online source.  Scanning up to 12 x 18, copying and printing up to 12 x 18 on 100 lb. cardstock is available.

Paper and Envelopes - Print Services offers a wide variety of white and color paper and envelopes in standard sizes. (Official Elizabethtown College stationery is available to Elizabethtown College employees only.)

Booklets and Programs – Center stapled and folded booklets or programs containing up to 40 pieces of paper with 4 full-bleed sheets and trimmed edges are possible using the BizHub PressC7000. View Samples.

Brochures - Half-fold, C fold,and Z fold brochures are no problem for Print Services in 11", 14" or 17".

Transparencies – Full color and basic overhead transparencies are perfect for backup to Power Point presentations. 

Poster and Banner Printing – Posters or banners using either the 24" or 42" printer.  Please call Print Services for details on layout necessary to produce your poster or banner. View Samples. 

Finishing, Binding and Laminating – Hole punching, stapling, folding, padding, scoring, perforating and cutting.  Binding choices include coil, comb and tape.  Covers can be added for a professional look.  Laminating adds a 5 mil. thick seal over documents up to about 40" wide.  View Samples.

Novelty Items – Personalized calendars, notepads, luggage tags and bookmarks from your original  design make perfect gifts.  View Samples.

Layout & Design Services - Print Services no longer offers layout and design services.

Major and Minors at Elizabethtown College

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Our core curriculum emphasizes creative thinking, decision–making and problem-solving skills.
About Elizabethtown College

About Elizabethtown College

Our commitment is to Educate for Service, discover how that has/and will continue to shape our history.
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At Elizabethtown College, your ideas matter. We encourage you to speak your mind and share your thoughts.
Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Our students received about $26.2 million in institutional scholarships and grants during the 2010-2011 academic year.
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