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Emergent Scholars


Selection criteria for Emergent Scholars are as follows: Emergent Scholars have attained at least a 3.75 cumulative grade point average at the end of their first three semesters. Qualified students are full-time students who have not previously attended another college or university for full-time study and have earned at least forty-two credits in three consecutive semesters as a student at Elizabethtown College or one of its affiliated programs.

The SVPAA hosts an annual luncheon to recognize Emergent Scholars and their invited mentors.  The most recent luncheon was held in the KAV on March 6, 2016.

 Emergent Scholars 2016

emergent scholars2016 Emergent Scholars and their Mentors are:

      Scholars                Mentors

Maria Anderson Carroll Tyminski
Hannah Beatty Richard Newton
Maria Boretti Hossein Varamini
Brandon Criswell Bobette Thorsen
Zachary Dennin Sara Atwood
Gillian Engelbrecht Jean Pretz
Lauren Eyer Elizabeth Coyle
Jennifer Feagley Catherine Lemley
Carly Foster Jean-Paul Benowitz
Sage Garvey Kerri Hample
Andrew Gates Stephen Soltys
Alexander Good Gabriel Ricci
Kayla Hess Kristi Kneas
Kimberly Holbert Joseph Mahoney
Karlie Kimball Judy Ericksen
Jordan Klase Kerri Hample
Kelly Knorr Richard Newton
Lia Kopar Hossein Varamini
Megan Kuczma Jean Pretz
Jennifer Lloyd Kyle Kopko
Gabriel MacDonald Sara Atwood
Twila McAdams Michele Kozimor-King
Corinne McCarthy John Rohrkemper
Breanna McNamee Judy Ericksen
Cody Miller Suzanne Webster
Brady Morgan Diane Bridge
Rachael Nelson Jeffrey Gabriel
Emily Nolte Elizabeth Coyle
Emily Norton Joseph Mahoney
Alyssa Pumputis Brenda Read-Daily
Jessica Raskis Kevin Shorner-Johnson
Aaron Rathsam Thomas Hagan
Morgan Reiss Sylvester Williams
Martin Rodgers Sara Atwood
Madalene Rutherford Judy Ericksen
Ryan Sagedy Robert Spence
Abigail Sanders Christina Bucher
Adam Saubel Randy Trostle
Courtney Schauer Daniel Panchik
Colby Schweibenz Thomas Hagan
Alexandra Sevareid Kristi Arnold
Tara Siano Kirsten Johnson
Emily Speierman Michael Long
Taylor Stefovic Thomas Leap
Brian Stottler Bobette Thorsen
Kendra Strickler Monica Belfatti
Jessica Sullivan Bryan Greenberg
Alyssa Taylor David Bowne
Katie Thompson Michele Kozimor-King
Christian Villarosa Kirsten Johnson
Amanda Williams James MacKay
Megan Wynings Wendy Bellew
Rebecca Yunginger Hossein Varamini
Lindsay Zumbrum Gene Ann Behrens
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