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The Core Program

Information about the structure of the Core program, Core requirement, the Core check sheet, and core offerings.

Summer Session

Summer courses offer students a variety of learning opportunities to achieve their goals, whether they are seeking to catch up, get ahead, or squeeze more into their busy lives during the regular semesters.

Important Dates

Academic calendars and other important dates

Downloadable Forms and Email Requests

Need a form? You'll probably find it in our downloadable forms and email request section.

Transfer Student Resources

Elizabethtown College welcomes transfer students from many different institutions at all academic career levels into a variety of major programs. An early inquiry about the transfer process can help you to maximize your educational experience. 

Potential transfer students will want to talk with the Admissions Office and complete an application. As part of the application process, official transcripts from each previously attended institution must be sent to the Admissions Office. If you are currently enrolled in classes, include a list of these courses with the course number, course title and number of credits. Upon receipt of all materials as requested by the Admissions Office, an evaluation of your prior course work will be prepared. Potential transfer students will receive written notification specifying which courses/credits will be accepted by Elizabethtown College and how these courses apply to an intended major.

The College transfers credits (but not grades or quality points) for course work in which a grade of "C-" or better is obtained. Students must be matriculated before transfer credits will be posted to their permanent and official Elizabethtown College record.

For specific information on Dual Admission Program with Harrisburg Area Community College, visit the Admission website and review the HACC transfer course equivalency for Core courses .

Calendar and dates

Calendars and Dates

Important dates and semester calendars.
Downloadable Forms and Email Request

Downloadable Forms and Email Request

Need a form from the office of registration and records? You'll find it here.
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