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Why Called to Lead?

Why Called to Lead?

Called to Lead is a flexible leadership development program open to all students

Called to Lead Student Spotlight

Called to Lead Student Spotlight

Every month, a Called to Lead student will be featured on our website and on Facebook so that we can celebrate our student leaders.

What do students say?

What do students say?

See what our students say about the Called to Lead program.

Mentoring program

Mentoring Program

Find a mentor who will help guide you, develop your passions, and invest in your goals by participating in a mentoring partnership through Called to Lead.

What Matters & Why

What Matters & Why

Every semester, Called to Lead hosts the What Matters to Me and Why dinner that features a faculty or staff member who shares what really matters to them and why it matters.

Called to Lead

Called to Lead group

Mission Statement

The overall mission of Called to Lead is to empower students, faculty, and staff to clarify vocational calling and discover individual leadership strengths that will allow them to practice visionary servant leadership in support of the College’s motto Educate for Service

Specifically, Called to Lead facilitates students’ integrative learning and development in the areas of vocation, life calling, interdisciplinary engagement, leadership theory and practice, and ethical and purposeful life work.  Called to Lead events and programs utilize a diverse array of leadership theories and models, and at the same time, focus on two leadership theories that most resonate with the College’s mission and motto:  Servant Leadership theory and the Social Change model.

Program Overview

  • Leadership development program open to all students - both current and emerging leaders
  • More than 400 student participants from majors ranging from Business to Theater to Psychology
  • Focus on finding one's life calling and developing the leadership styles and skills needed to live it out

In Called to Lead, students engage in faculty and staff led discussions, take innovative academic courses, work with personal mentors, embark on servant leadership trips, learn from their peers, lead campus organizations, and share in networking dinners.  Students earn points throughout the program; points signify learning.  Students who complete the program earn a certificate and recognition at commencement.  Explore our website to find out more!

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Our core curriculum emphasizes creative thinking, decision–making and problem-solving skills.
About Elizabethtown College

About Elizabethtown College

Our commitment is to Educate for Service, discover how that has/and will continue to shape our history.
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At Elizabethtown College, your ideas matter. We encourage you to speak your mind and share your thoughts.
Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Our students received about $26.2 million in institutional scholarships and grants during the 2010-2011 academic year.
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