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Why Called to Lead?

Why Called to Lead?

Called to Lead is a flexible leadership development program open to all students

Called to Lead Student Spotlight

Called to Lead Student Spotlight

Every month, a Called to Lead student will be featured on our website and on Facebook so that we can celebrate our student leaders.

What do students say?

What do students say?

See what our students say about the Called to Lead program.

Mentoring program

Mentoring Program

Find a mentor who will help guide you, develop your passions, and invest in your goals by participating in a mentoring partnership through Called to Lead.

What Matters & Why

What Matters & Why

Every semester, Called to Lead hosts the What Matters to Me and Why dinner that features a faculty or staff member who shares what really matters to them and why it matters.

Still have questions about Called to Lead?

What is Called to Lead?

We invite students to develop in leadership while exploring the meaning of life, what the world needs most, ethics, spirituality, vocation, and life choices. You can enlarge your potential for leadership by exploring leadership within the context of the meaning of life, and the many things that really matter to you. In addition, you can experience the mission of Elizabethtown College: to educate students ethically for lives of leadership and service.

Who can participate?

All students are invited to participate in the Called to Lead program, all majors, all years, and all interests. You can enter or leave the program at any time.

How do I join?

You don't have to apply or join, you simply begin attending events that interest you. If you decide Called to Lead no longer fits into your schedule or your goals, you simply stop attending events. It is a flexible, no-pressure program that you customize to your interests and make your own.

*If you'd like to be added to the Called to Lead mailing list for important updates and announcements, please email

What do I get from Called to Lead?

In addition to lots of learning and personal development, you accumulate points for attending events, programs, trips, and courses.

  • Those who reach 300 points receive a Called to Lead fleece jacket with Etown Called to Lead logo.
  • Those who reach 600 points receive a leather portfolio. 
  • Those who reach 1,000 points receive our Called to Lead certificate of completion, a signature sash to wear at Commencement, and are listed in the Commencement program as having completed the program.

Do I have to try to reach the 1,000-point goal to be in the program?

No. We have students in the program who are clear that they will not be able to or have no desire to reach 1,000 points. They have the goal of attending the events that will help them learn as much as they can and also networking with other students who care about these topics.

How long will the program take me?

It depends. We have had students complete the program in 1 1/2 to 2 years, but ideally we would like you to spend at least 3 years in the program.

How many students are in the program?

We have over 400 students, representing many majors ranging from Business to Theater to Psychology, and who participate in extracurricular activities ranging from the Honors Program to Student Senate to Varsity Athletics.

What are some of the events and programs, and how many points are they worth?

Please see the Events page.

Why leadership and "calling"?  Do I have to be religious?

Many great leaders have framed their leadership in the context of life calling, philosophy of life, spiritual values, and significant ethical commitments. Not all philosophies of life are religious, and you do not have to be religious to be in the Called to Lead program. In one sense, “calling” relates to religious vocation, but in other ways, “calling” relates to your unique passions and purpose in life. 

Why is this program at Elizabethtown College?

Life calling and servant leadership are concepts that resonate with the faith heritage of the College. Moreover, both the Strategic Vision’s signature theme “Purposeful Life Work,” and the College mission statement challenge us to educate students ethically for lives of leadership and service.

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About Elizabethtown College

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Financial Aid

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