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Why Called to Lead?

Why Called to Lead?

Called to Lead is a flexible leadership development program open to all students

Called to Lead Student Spotlight

Called to Lead Student Spotlight

Every month, a Called to Lead student will be featured on our website and on Facebook so that we can celebrate our student leaders.

What do students say?

What do students say?

See what our students say about the Called to Lead program.

Mentoring program

Mentoring Program

Find a mentor who will help guide you, develop your passions, and invest in your goals by participating in a mentoring partnership through Called to Lead.

What Matters & Why

What Matters & Why

Every semester, Called to Lead hosts the What Matters to Me and Why dinner that features a faculty or staff member who shares what really matters to them and why it matters.

What do students say about Called to Lead?

Joe Williams

“I think college is a great place to develop leadership because lessons are taught inside and outside of the classroom. All of these lessons further grow students as leaders. Not every graduate of the program will become a CEO or leader of a cultural movement but they will know more about themselves than they did before and help others reach their potential.”

David Boretti

"Being in Called to Lead has motivated me to become more of a leader and to find time for community service and helping others, which never used to be important to me but is now one of the things I care very strongly about.  This program has allowed me to connect with many wonderful professors on campus and to make strong friendships with other students in the program.  Called to Lead has ignited a passion in me for service, selflessness, and being a role model on campus, and I am very excited for what Called to Lead has to offer me in the coming years." 

Jess Leidy

“Called to Lead challenges all participants, not just to attend the events that are put on, but helps students to take a step back and look at what they are doing and ask why? Am I passionate about my chosen career path? Is it meaningful to me? I have found myself questioning my vocation and skills on a regular basis through reflection and thoughtful conversation with my peers. Called to Lead has had a wonderful impact on my life as well as many others at Elizabethtown College.”

Michelle Zimmerman

“Anyone can be a leader! You just need to feel empowered and this is exactly what Called to Lead works to do: to empower the students who voluntarily participate so that they can be successful in all that they attempt.”

Min Han Tun

“Called to Lead is a leadership forum where aspiring leaders of Etown should definitely join! It brings in both internal and external resources to encourage leadership in the students. Through CTL, I was able to review and reflect on my leadership abilities from time to time as well as develop throughout my college life. The program gives you opportunities to step up and take initiatives which are essential characteristics in a leader.”

Corrine Zannetti

The Called to Lead program accomplishes something pretty incredible.  It helps Elizabethtown College students find their way in life without ever telling them where to go.  It equips them to make difficult decisions without sacrificing morals and values.  Called to Lead empowers Elizabethtown College students to believe that they have every right and responsibility to leave this world a better place than they found it.”

Kelsie LeVan

"Called to Lead has opened up so many doors that would have otherwise been closed. It allowed me to go on three service trips to serve groups of people in need, establish relationships with faculty through the mentoring program, expand my knowledge and enhance my public speaking skills by participating in the Winter Break Reading Program, and exposed me to countless leadership theories and studies that greatly influenced my four years at Elizabethtown."

Tom Hagerty

"Called to Lead allowed me to learn many different things, but the biggest change has been the way I analyze general life situations.  Learning about leadership styles and philosophies of life, I can understand the similarities and differences in the way people function.  I have much more patience and understanding when recognizing different philosophies and styles in others.  Often these differences are recognizable, but to have a little background knowledge on different styles is great."

"Called to Lead has affected the way I see and question the world, adding a curiosity for all things.  For me, it has opened the doors of learning about topics beyond my current repertoire.  Since graduating, I have read books about Zen Buddhism, organizational development, and manners.  No subject matter is safe to a student of the world.  Curiosity I developed in Called to Lead will continue to push me to bigger and better things." 

Sarah Merusi

Sarah currently works for the Wharton Leadership Program where she manages logistics and operations of Wharton Leadership Ventures. She feels she discovered her passion for leadership through the Called to Lead Program. The mission of the Leadership Ventures is to provide remote expeditions for Wharton students to develop their own leadership potential. This past spring, she collaborated on programs with the FDNY and the Quantico Marine Corps Officer Candidate School. Sarah has traveled to Chile to trek in the Atacama Desert, learned to Ice Climb in the Adirondacks, and will join an expedition in Antarctica this coming December.

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