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Registration for the May Term - Summer Online sessions has begun. Federal law requires that textbook information and requirements for course offerings be provided at time of registration. In order to comply with this law and provide pricing information to our students, textbook adoptions for May Term and Summer Online are due now

Adoptions for Fall 2015 courses are due April 1st. Registration for Fall 2015 courses begins April 13th.

Adoptions should be provided to the Textbook Manager in the College Store using the Textbook Adoption Form on JayWeb. Click on the following link- or just type “jayweb” into your browser.

When you log in, you will see a folder in the navigation labeled “Online Forms.” Click on that and then on the folder "Bookstore Forms" and you will be taken to the form.  Once you complete the form, the submission will be sent to the Textbook Manager via email and you will receive a confirmation email.

To confirm that your textbook information is published correctly, you can view the May-Term 2015 Textbook list HERE and the Summer Online 2015 Textbook list HERE. The Fall 2015 Textbook list is available for view HERE.

Current and past semester textbook lists are farther down this page.


Desk Copies

Desk copies are available directly through the publishers. Please direct your requests for these materials to the publishers and not the College Store.  Publisher lists are available by request, or you can find them on the Faculty Center website. Please take advantage of the Faculty Center website—a free service being offered to Elizabethtown College faculty. The Faculty Center Network is an invaluable tool to help make faculty textbook adoptions easier.

user name is 71493
password is sem452

Return Policy for Faculty and Departments

The College Store no longer accepts the return (or swap) of a purchased book with a desk copy, nor do they accept the return of a book that was purchased while waiting for a desk copy to arrive.  There are many reasons why we must establish this policy; primarily and most importantly, desk copies or instructor copies are, in many cases, different from the textbooks that students use and they cannot be sold to students, nor can they be returned to the publisher for a refund. In addition, "borrowed" books that are returned once the desk copy arrives, come back in less than pristine condition and cannot be sold or returned as new.  For these reasons, new or used books purchased by a faculty member or a department must adhere to the same return policy - books purchased for the current semester are only returnable for the first three days after the start of the semester.

What is the College Store doing to offer students lower priced options to purchase or rent textbooks?

To stay current with all the options students have these days, we have implemented 2 rental programs. One option is in-store and allows a student to take a book off the shelf and pay with their financial aid (Student ID), credit card, or cash. At the end of the semester, the student only has to return the book to the Store and we do the rest of the work. The second option gives the student the ability to rent from a site online and have the book shipped directly to them. At the end of the semester, the student ships the book back, free of charge.

 For students who purchase their books from the College Store, we offer an online reservation/ordering option. They can go to our website and follow the link to reserve and purchase their textbooks. (Here is the link) We strongly encourage students who purchase their books to use this option, as it gives us the ability to properly manage inventory and avoid running out of a title during Book Rush.

 Finally, we have engaged in a program (VERBA) that allows us to purchase textbooks at “online” discounted prices, which lowers the price of some textbooks. This program offers the ability to beat Amazon and Chegg at their own game, and it also offers a comparison tool for students which will help them find the books they need at the best price.

 Why should students buy or rent their textbooks from the Etown College Store?

 Because they will get the correct book for the correct course, since we receive information directly from you, the faculty. We offer students convenience; we are right here on campus, not in cyberland. We offer a fair return policy, as we accept textbook returns for a full refund with a receipt during the first 3 days of class, each semester. (10 days to return if a course is dropped). And we are university-owned and self-supporting, which means every purchase at the College Store helps us fund campus activities, keeping the cost of their Etown experience lower.

 Why shouldn’t I just tell my students to get all of their textbooks “online” from Amazon, etc?

 We have heard “horror” stories about students who don’t receive the correct edition of a textbook (and can’t return it), or they receive an instructors copy (and can’t return it) or their order never arrives. They are then left scrambling to buy the correct book and incur even more expense. Ultimately, the Store knows what a student needs (we get that info directly from YOU) and we guarantee that they get the correct text. It won’t happen overnight, but we are trying to find ways to lower the price of textbooks so our students make the College Store their first choice instead of their last. We ask that you help us in that endeavor by not automatically including in your syllabi or suggesting to your students “to get their books online.”

 Can I cancel and/or change my textbook adoption once I submit it?

We hope cancellation or change requests are kept to a minimum, but if they happen, they are handled on an individual basis. From the textbook manager’s perspective, it is assumed that once a textbook adoption is submitted, the variables surrounding the related course offering (who/what/when) are concrete and the syllabus will reflect the identical textbook info. The manager then uses the adoption info to make ordering and buying decisions. Changes in adoptions after that point usually result in additional expense incurred by the College Store (shipping). Additionally, if a change in adoption happens after the buyback period, the Store also incurs additional expense in the form of dead stock, i.e. books purchased that won’t be sold AND can’t be returned. The following two questions provide more insight into the importance of early/accurate adoptions.

Why does the textbook manager need my adoption well before my course starts, and why must I provide accurate information regarding my adoption?

There are several reasons why early/accurate adoption is needed and here are the biggest reasons:

    • The ordering process provides the best prices and the biggest inventory of used books the earlier I place an order with the vendor for textbooks.
    • We must comply with federal laws that dictate how early a college publishes everything associated with the cost of getting a college education; this includes the cost of textbooks.
    • Time is needed to make decisions on which books can be “bought back” from Etown students. This “buyback” practice actually allows us to lower the cost of books for students who sell back to the Store. Future students who buy the book also pay a lower price for that book. When we buy back books from our students, we basically eliminate the middleman (the wholesaler or publisher) and they are the main culprits in the HIGH price of textbooks. (see the brochure “Where the Textbook Dollar Goes”)

Once I submit my textbook adoption, should I confirm it is recorded and published correctly? And if so, where do I find the Textbook List to confirm the information is correct?

Yes, it is advisable that every faculty member verify and confirm that their adoption submission is recorded and displayed correctly. This check and balance assures complete accuracy for the student, the textbook manager, and you. The Textbook List resides on the College Store website and can be found at this link: Once the registration period starts, the textbook list is updated daily. A faculty member can also email Lastly, stopping in person to the Book Room to verify correct information on the shelf tag is also an option.

What are the dates I need to be aware of regarding textbook adoption?

April 1                  Adoptions due from faculty
April 13                  Textbook List published & Registration for Fall semester begins
April-May-June      Wantlists sent out to multiple wholesalers
Mid-June               Orders for textbooks placed to wholesalers and vendors
Mid-July                 Textbooks start arriving
August 24              Classes start - Book Rush Week

October 1                 Adoptions due from faculty
October 27                Textbook List published & Registration Winter Term begin

November 1           Adoptions due from faculty
November 10            Textbook List published & Registration for Spring Semester begins
November/Dec.         Wantlists for used books sent out to multiple wholesalers
Early December         Orders for textbooks placed to wholesalers and vendors
Late December          Textbooks start arriving
January 12                 Classes start - Book Rush Week

February 1            Adoptions due from faculty
February 13            Textbook List published for May/Summer courses
Mid-April                 Textbooks start arriving
May 11                    Classes start


TEXTBOOK LISTS - Past Semesters

SPRING 2015 Textbook List
FALL 2014 Textbook List
MAY TERM 2014 Textbook List

SUMMER ONLINE 2014 Textbook List
SPRING 2014 Textbook List
FALL 2013 Textbook List
SPRING 2013 Textbook List

 Still have a question? Contact the Textbook Manager, Debbie Peterson at or call ext. 1130


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