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Kristin Mance '11, Erin Johnson '12 and Dan Silver '12

During their time at Elizabethtown, as co-leaders of the Integrity Committee, Kristin Mance '11, Erin Johnson '12 and Dan Silver '12 shared the common purpose of preserving the character of Elizabethtown College.

Kristin Mance ’11, Dan Silver ’12 and Erin Johnson ’12Kristin, then an accounting major, was planning on entering a field recently overshadowed by corruption.

"In any profession, integrity is a very important consideration—one that has significant ramifications. I don't want to be treated by a doctor who cheated his way through medical school. I don't want engineers who didn't honestly earn their degree to build my bridges," she reflects. "As a society, our standard of integrity has slipped little by little. And, by reshaping the attitudes that our students bring to Elizabethtown, we are preserving the value of an Elizabethtown degree."

Erin, who majored in environmental science, emphasizes that honesty pertains to more than just the College's classrooms. "Obviously, academic integrity is very important," she explains. "But I am also passionate about preserving our community integrity—maintaining a campus environment in which our students feel safe." A community invested in its commitment to integrity explores how it impacts every aspect of campus life, from security of our students' property to good sportsmanship on our athletic fields.

As in past years, the Integrity Committee is continuing efforts to establish a cultural expectation for our incoming students, explains Dan, who majored in biology/premedicine. "As a peer mentor, I made a lot of connections with first-year students during summer orientation," he says. "I impressed on them that integrity is the thing that makes Elizabethtown Elizabethtown." He and other committee members also shared information with new students in their first-year seminars.

In addition, the committee co-leaders—with the guidance of Professor Louis Martin, their faculty advisor—are launched initiatives that re-energized the campus-wide dialogue about character and provided faculty and students with tools for success. For example, the student committee developed faculty guides for each academic department that address specific integrity issues faculty might face. And, in conjunction with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, the members began remodeling the process for managing and addressing breaches of social and academic integrity. Through their collaboration and dedication, this group of students helped preserved an Elizabethtown legacy that is foundational to our educational mission.

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