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Nathan Caudill

There’s a lot i don’t know. but for me, i look at it as if there’s a lot i can know.

Nathan Caudill ’13 looks at the world with a refreshing curiosity, focusing on its mysteries as opportunities for intellectual exploration. “There’s a lot I don’t know,” he admits. “But for me, I look at it as if there’s a lot I can know.”

Nathan’s scholarly interests are almost as diverse as the academic offerings at Elizabethtown. The student—who is skilled on the French horn—was awarded a music scholarship. Enrolled in the Elizabethtown College Honors Program, he is double majoring in engineering and Japanese and fills his overly packed schedule with courses “that sound interesting.”

Nathan CaudillNathan’s love of languages began in kindergarten, when his family enrolled him in a school just across the Canadian border. Through the fifth grade, he spoke French at school and English at home. During his junior year in high school, he became intrigued by the Japanese language during an almost yearlong visit to the country. Desiring to further his proficiency, Nathan selected Elizabethtown as much for its strong program in Japanese as for its accredited program in engineering.

Through his participation in the College’s orchestra and band, Nathan’s gift for the performing arts and his appreciation for teamwork have grown. “It’s gratifying to hear everyone playing together and to know that you’ve been able to contribute to such an accomplishment,” he reflects, noting that his recent involvement in Elizabethtown’s festival commemorating the 150th birthday of American composer Edward MacDowell was particularly rewarding.

And Nathan’s creativity on the concert stage is rivaled by that which he is exercising using the scientific part of his mind. Just a sophomore, he’s already published mathematical solutions in the journal Pi Mu Epsilon. And last summer, after completing his first year at the College, he supported groundbreaking research to resolve irreconcilable differences between quantum mechanics and the theory of general relativity. During the experience, Nathan gained an understanding of the computational software program, Mathematica, with the guidance of Associate Professor Timothy McDevitt. He then collaborated with a team—including McDevitt, Professor Mark Stuckey and Professor Michael Silberstein—that is using the program to model the behavior of particles in the relational blockworld concept. For Nathan, the opportunity to explore uncharted scientific territory was exciting. “This was perfect—something completely different,” he reflects.

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